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Feb 2, 2005 10:58 AM

Lunch for a group - 2 days in a row!

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I am hosting a retreat for a non-profit board, and have been asked to put together "sandwiches" for lunch for both days. The trick is that I am also participating in the meetings, so I won't have lots of time (I'm thinking -- grocery store catering). It will be the same group of people -- about 15 -- both days, so I don't want Sunday to be a repeat of Saturday.

What would you suggest? We have a whole foods and a couple of other great grocery stores and bakeries -- I would welcome suggestions for two different lunch buffets a chowhound would be proud to offer.

Please answer soon, it is this weekend!

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  1. I would serve cups of soup (always appreciated in the winter) and you could have Whole Foods make a mulfatatta sandwich on ciabatta bread, packed and pressed with lots of goodies, i.e, cold cuts, cheeses, sundried tomatoes. Hope this helps.

    1. I recently went to a small social that was catered by Whole Foods. The dishes that were especially popular were the chicken satay skewers (with this yummy sauce), spinach/artichoke dip, the cookie plate, and the cheese plate.

      I personally found the cheeses they provided amAzing. One brie was so rich it was almost like eating butter. The goat cheese was pungent and had great texture, and the blue cheese was wonderful as well.

      The other foods weren't out of this world, but very good considering that they cater everything and you've got zero worries. Everything was tasty, filling, crowd-pleasing without being boring, and gone by the end of the social.

      1. I recently picked up the Whole Foods catering menu for my husband who frequently needs to order lunches for a group. I don't have it here, but you could have wraps and a salad or two one day, and more conventional sandwiches the next. Give Whole Foods a call, they can help you out. No, I don't work for them.

        1. Thank you for your suggestions. It was a little warm for soup, as I am in the SF Bay area. I ended up with roast chicken for the first day, accompanied by corn salad and mushroom asparagus penne pasta salad. For dessert, cookies, brownies and fruit salad.

          For the second day, I ordered assorted sandwiches: chicken salad, roast beef, egg salad and veggie with cheese. There was enough of all the salads to tweak the presentation and put them out again. Dessert was petits fours, pound cake and strawberries. People really went after the fruit for Sunday lunch! For drinks I served coffee, canned soft drinks, and several large bottles of Orangina (very popular.)

          There always seems to be quite a bit of food left over, because you always overestimate to be on the safe side. And sometimes people who are expected don't show. We packed up the leftovers to send to somebody's office to share.