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Feb 2, 2005 07:47 AM

cauliflower mash/puree?

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has anyone been successful in creating/preparing a dinner side of mashed potatoes sans potatoes using cauliflower instead? is it as simple as boiling the cauliflower and mashing it with a little water/broth? and if so, how do you make the mash of cauliflower bind?

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  1. I have tried it. I steamed the cauliflower until tender, and drained it well. you want it as dry as possible. Add a bit of chicken broth,some S/P and butter. I used an immersion blender, and they came out the consistency of mashed potatoes. I think the acutal recipe is in the South Beach diet book. They were not bad- the same "mouth feel" of mashed potatoes.

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      thanks! i will try that.

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        okay ch, i've tried all that you've suggested. steamed the cauliflower, added s/p, butter and ricotta (cause it was here and i didn't want to go out to buy a hunk of cream cheese only to have it sit around and find it as a science experiment later). i mashed it well with a fork and the results were just O.K., kinda watery too. should i have blended it for better texture? any suggestions to boost the flavor content?

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          I haven't tried this yet, (but will, cuz of the BF on Atkins), but one of the sites said that *after* you do all these things (and yes, you should do it in a food processor, a fork won't get out the lumps, which will taste like cauliflower), you should put it in a pan and bake it awhile, to evaporate the water and enhance the texture....


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            I make this fairly frequently. The first couple of times, after steaming the cauliflower, I used my kitchenaid standing mixer (like I would making mashed potatoes) and added cream and butter, salt and pepper. Couldn't really get the smoothness of mashed potatoes, but close. Recently I've used the food processor and with it you can get the right consistency. I find the cauliflower to be slightly sweeter than mashed potatoes unless you have a sauce or gravy and then we can hardly tell the difference.

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            Simmer flourettes in chix stock instread of steaming.

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              I made it with the Ricotta for the first time last night (also because it was there) and it was the best yet. I steam it in Chicken Stock, add a small amount of mashed potato flakes and then the ricotta with a bit of salt and pepper. It was so creamy and rich, I couldn't believe it.

        2. I steam mine until tender, then drain out the water. I mash mine with a handheld masher, add cream, butter, s& p, and grated cheddar or parmesan (yay Atkins, no fat watching for me!) and stir the mix over medium heat for a minute or two for everything to melt together and to make a little of the water in the cream and the cauliflower burn off. Hubby likes to add a sprinking of chipotle pepper.

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            Try some cream cheese instead of the heavy cream, there is less water to cook off and it helps the texture.

            For those of us counting carbs, I made stuffed chicken breasts last night. Skin on, boned and stuffed with a combination of spinach, romano, mozzerella, and whole milk ricotta, an egg, some freshly grated nutmeg and salt an pepper. Rolled up and tied and baked until golden. Allowed to rest a bit and then sliced it and served on top a a low carb red sauce. Yummy!

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              You're right about the cream cheese giving a better texture-- I've just never been a fan of the flavor of cream cheese, weird as that may be.

          2. We have made them often by steaming the cauliflower until it is very soft and then pureeing in a food processor. Various additions of cream cheese, cream , butter, and sour cream are all good but we find that just adding butter results in a final product that is closest to mashed potatoes. This is one of the easiest low carb substitutions - we don't miss mashed potatoes at all. Crusty bread and baked potatoes are another story.

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              The Turtle (Bay) Dove

              I love cauliflower so have mashed it just as one more cauliflower dish in my repertoire, not to mimic mashed potatoes. I cut it into small pieces and cooked in the microwave a few minutes until tender, then put it in a food processor with butter/milk/seasoning. Delicious (and easy), but definitely not the same texture as mashed potatoes. --Joanna