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Feb 2, 2005 07:35 AM

harissa recipe?

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every recipe that i have come across wants you to use reconstituted ancho chiles. I currently live in an area where dried ancho chiles aren't available to me.
I am able to find fresh red chile peppers. Any one has any experience with producing an "authentic" harissa using fresh instead of dried chiles? thanks chowhounds

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  1. You can order dried ancho's and other chilis from Pendery's in Ft. Worth. Reasonable prices, fresh and high quality chilis and spices.

    1. You can find dried ancho chiles at as well -- I've linked their website below. If ordering off the web is not an option, you should experiment with substitute fresh, roasted peppers instead of the dried, but the texture and flavor of the dish will be a bit different. The fresh peppers will have more moisture, and the dried peppers can have an intensity of flavor that fresh ones can lack.


      1. I've had really good results using dried arbol chiles--I would think that anchos would be too mild. It seems like fresh chiles would have too much water content and not as much of an intense flavor, but maybe if you roasted, peeled, pureed, then cooked them down a fair amount it would work.

        1. kitty morse uses dried new mexico chilies.