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Feb 2, 2005 12:38 AM

Help with Large and long-named cuts of meat

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I am a relatively new cook and these types of meats are intimidating. I don't know anything about them nor do I know what to do with them and they are usually pretty expensive so I don't want to go in blind. I am ready to venture down that road but I need a really good cookbook with pictures, how to make each cut tender in very detailed way with variations and varying methods (I have no crock pot or grill to speak of yet), and with cutting and freezing info. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

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  1. Are there long named cuts of meat?

    1. Can you give us some examples so we can be more helpful?

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        Professor Salt

        Get youself The Complete Meat Cookbook by Bruce Aidells and Denis Kelly.

        The very well illustrated book teaches why tough, gristly cuts like shoulder clod or brisket are well suited for long, slow, moist heat methods of cooking, but now for quick grilling, for instance.

        It's highly instructive and a fun read, not just a bunch of recipes listed uselessly ad infinitum. You won't be sorry.



        1. Apart from the Aidells book and a few similar but probably out-of-print books, Hormel has a great "sleeper" of a website with a lot of very useful information on this subject:

          1. the usda web site has a ton of info for poultry, meat, pork, even horse and goat
            you could spend a week on this site