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Jan 27, 2004 07:42 PM

Tet festival?

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Wondering whether anyone attended the Tet festival in San Jose over the weekend? Any food reports?

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  1. I thought about it but last years lackluster reports scared me off. As an alternative, on Sunday I headed to the Lion Plaza area at Tully/King. I ate at Cao Nguyen which is in the second strip mall on S. King south of Tully- basicaly across the street from Lion Supermarket. I opted for the Cao Nguyen soup which turned out to be egg noodles in a primarily chicken broth with a few slices of pork, two fairly large shrimp, a small crab claw and an great ~4" round yellow crispy crepe with a shrimp imbedded in it. I tried to interogate my waitress for the items name but language issues got in the way. Quite tasty though and the crispy crepe stood up to the broth well and was an interesting texture variation. Served w/ lemon, bean sprouts, and parsley??? Also shared a decent version of cha gio eggrolls. They have a full menu and a positive review on Metro so I would like to go back and sample a few of their other offerings.

    Lion Plaza was a blast. It was reasonably crowded with lots of of people hanging around, throwing firecrackers, and watching a couple of youth lion dancing groups. It had a nice mellow neigborhood feel with no police barriers, closed streets, etc. The only special food I saw on offer was at European Bakery who had around 15 waffle makers fired up in front of their shop. Of course the food court was serving food- I don't recall if Anh Hong or Nha Trang were open though it would have been tough with the noise.



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      Sounds like you made the better decision, Nathan!

      Were those green waffles? I've noticed the busy waffle maker at the Century mall on Story Road...they do smell wonderful, but I'm too impatient to wait in the line.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        I always made an effort to get the freshly baked ones. If it takes too long, then I balked. Much better when fresh.

        The Century mall was suppose to have a big celebration last Thursday with many things going on inside- I was told by a shopkeeper.