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Feb 1, 2005 07:52 AM

Breakfast cheese for sandwiches

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I'm looking for a fancy breakfast cheese (something like Chaource) to have on bread with either sliced strawberries or a fig spread, for breakfast on an airplane. All suggestions welcome. Most interested in unusual or rare cheeses, not too smelly since it's for a plane. I'm in Philly, so I have a great cheese shop (Dibruno's) with a great selection. Thank you.

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  1. j

    What about a really wonderful goat cheese or triple-creme? Or a stilton that has a layer of lemon or blackberries?

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    1. re: JessicaSophia
      Caitlin Wheeler

      I recently had an excellent creamy goat from Spain called Navat -- would go well with fig spread and a nutty bread.

    2. f

      A very mild, creamy spreadable cheese is what you want, such as a good artisanal ricotta, crescenza or stracchino. Your good cheese shop should have one or more of these. I think these kinds of cheese are great spread on walnut bread, with or without fruit.

      1. There is a very interesting cheese I read about in last year's January issue of Saveur and bought, it's a Norweigan cheese by Ski Queen called "gjetost" made of caramelized goat's milk or a goat/cow milk combo. it's a firm, nutty, caramelly cheese -- try it! Here's a link to learn more. (I'm with you -- I always pack my own plane meals.)


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        1. re: melissa

          I am hooked on gjetost. I love the flavor, and the texture is interesting, too. I, personally, wouldn't mix it with berries or fig spread, as it is rather intense on its own, and doesn't really need anything. The Norwegians slice it very thin, but, as a non-scandinavian, I eat it in big slices! It is a traditional breakfast offering over there, I'm pretty sure. Enjoy!

          1. re: melissa

            Anyone know where in the DC area you can find this? Sounds great!

            1. re: Wendy B

              i don't know, but maybe if you ask your local gourmet grocer/cheese shop they will order it for you!