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Jan 31, 2005 06:28 PM

KPauls coconut cake question

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Anyone eevr make this? I was thinking of trying it. While it looks daunting, I can't see why it takes the reported 3 days to make. Any tips out there? Is it really worth all the effort? I've never had it, but I have heard a good deal of positive talk about it. Any feedback at all would be helpful.

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  1. Spencer:

    I'm going to take a guess here and assume that this coconut cake is going to be very much like the famous one of the Peninsula Grill in Charleston. That recipe I believe can be found in Southern Living or perhaps on the Net...It is that famous. the chef is actually pictured with the recipe and it made him famous in Charleston. Maybe his first name was Kelly?

    I had the great joy have trying it in Charleston and it was tremendous. It is a recipe I've seen and a time consuming cake to make. it takes two days to saturate the cake and it becomes very, very dense and moist.

    I'd be very surprised if K Paul's coconut cake is much different. Especially when you posed the question "Is it worth the trouble?" Paul P is a very interesting guy. He lectured at a Society of Food Service Executives in NO many years ago. He was so heavy at the time that he came in a wheel chair. Not good.