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Jan 31, 2005 04:37 PM

best burr grinder

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I am looking for a coffee grinder. It is mostly for presspot although I would like to do all different grinds on occasion. It's only for a couple cups per day however so I would like to spend no more than $60. My current blade grinder does an inconsistent grind and is inconvient to clean after each use.

I have heard the Capresso 555.01 is pretty good. Any experience with that or other comparable models?

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  1. i have a capresso. it's not as even as i would like. check out the coffeegeek website below. but they're mostly very expensive grinders.


    1. Last August the L.A. Times did a review of burr grinders. I don't remember the exact results but they gave a very good score to a Capresso model that cost $50-60.