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Jan 31, 2005 01:56 PM

Stoopid Banana Question: Rotting from the Outside?

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So we bought a bunch of bananas (from TJ's, I think) and as each one ripened, it started to show a smallish blackish spot on the skin that got bigger and then the next day the skin, and the part of the banana under that part of the skin, was just gone--as if something had eaten it away.

The rest of the banana still looks fine, although we've been leery of eating it.

This has now happened a number of times; I can't be sure if all of the bananas were from the same store, so maybe it's something in our fruit bowl (and I have cleaned it) or in the air or in the bananas themselves--but we can't ever remember seeing bananas rot from the OUTSIDE before. Any suggestions?

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  1. They will darken as they ripen. Sometimes bananas get bumped or bruised in handling and they start to soften in those spots. You can just trim it off it bothers you. You can put bananas in the refrigerator, the skins will turn black but it will slow the ripening of the fruit inside the skin. You can also freeze them for smoothies or mash and freeze the pulp for banana muffins, cake or bread.

    1. I think Trader Joe's casts a spell over their bananas. Whenever we buy them there, strange things happen. If I remember correctly though, the bananas still taste alright--it's just their appearance that's unsettling. (Otherwise, we love Trader Joe's.)