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Jan 31, 2005 01:46 PM

Italian Superbowl food

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My father-in-law just asked me to come up with something he could make for a superbowl party -- it needs to be Italian (not sure why) and cannot be lasagna, sausage or "antipasto."

Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. How about polpetti (meatballs) with fresh marinara sauce which he could put in a crockpot to keep hot with mozzarella on the side and some good crusty rolls.

    Oh! Also, Epicurious has a fantastic Tortellini Soup recipe which could be kept in a crockpot also...just substitute ground beef for the italian sausage.

    1. How about a prosciutto,cheese,roasted pepper rolled bread? Change the filling as to his whim. Not a calzone, but a jelly roled type of bread. It can then be baked and sliced into one inch servings and reheated as neccessary.

      Either homemade pizza or store bought dough.

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        Thanks, I sent him this idea (along with the meatballs), I also suggested pesto, chicken and cheese, and goat cheese with balsamic and carmelized onions as well.

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          Sounds like Stromboli to me.