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Jan 31, 2005 08:44 AM

Fabulous duck recipes? Chowhound help needed!

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I want to make some sort of duck for dinner on Valentine's Day but am having trouble figuring out what recipe to use. I really haven't narrowed it down at all. I'm considering everything from, for example, a classic roast duck (with leftovers then - mmmm! - because even a small duck will be too much for the two of us I think) using Julia Child's recipe perhaps? Or just the duck breasts: the new Gourmet cookbook has an Orange-Ancho Chile duck breast recipe (but no skin and fat, the best part of the duck!). Help! I've never made any duck before, so I have no tried and true recipes to depend on. I saw the link in a discussion below to a NY Times article about cooking duck pieces separately, so now I'm adding that to the mix.

One constraint: I'm hoping to have dinner around 8 or 8:30. I can prepare stuff ahead of time that morning, but then will be gone from about 3:30 to 6:45 or 7. So bonus points for a recipe that is easy to adapt to my schedule that day. Thanks for any ideas! --Joanna

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  1. This recipe from is very good, and because it uses duck breasts rather than a whole duck and the sauce can be prepared a day ahead, you can prepare it within your time constraints.


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      I meant that the chile paste can be prepared a day ahead. You'll have to prepare the glaze just before you serve the duck.

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        The Turtle (Bay) Dove

        Thanks for all the suggestions - I think I'll probably go with this epicurious recipe but I'll report back! Any suggestions for what to serve with it? I'll finish with a salad, but alongside the duck, I was thinking maybe just jasmine rice and some simple veggie.

      2. I've made this miso-glazed roast duck so many times - it's foolproof and always comes out perfect. f I serve it for company, I make a Port-Cherry sauce (recipe at Epicurious) and a wild rice/pecan/dried cranberry salad. It's a great recipe - everyone enjoys it AND it's easy (marinate overnight and roast).


        1. I just made my first duck on Saturday and was pretty obsessive about researching cooking methods and recipes. I ended up using a recipe from the Food Network and it was easy and fabulous. Basically, you let the duck rest uncovered in the fridge overnight before you cook it, then you poke it with a skewer all over and roast over very low heat for 3+ hours. During that time, most of the fat melts away but b/c the oven temp is low there is no smoking problem. At the end (I switched to a different pan) you crisp the skin at 450 for 30 minutes. Then, while the duck rests, you glaze with a honey, balsamic, garlic, orange glaze. It was easy and amazing.

          The recipe is simply called Roast Duck and it's from the Food Network Kitchens, not a particular show. I highly recommend it. If you cannot find it I can search for you.

          Good luck!

          I used an organic 5lb. duckling and it fed two people with a fair amount left over.

          1. Debone breasts(keep upper wing bone on, chop off knuckle) and leg/thigh portions.Remove all fat fromm bones and render down. Roast bones and make stock. Confit leg/thigh portions, pull meat (toss with fine greens, grapes walnuts bluecheese) Saute the breasts med-rare, finish pan with demi-glace, dried figs,1 crushed juniper berry, splash of port/stock reduce.