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Jan 31, 2005 07:31 AM

Are there any cookbooks where beans are in all the recipes?

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Good morning,
Does such a cookbook exist where every recipes cooks with beans? Be it soups alone or beans as a compliment to something. Thanks,Richie

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  1. Beans, by Aliza Green.

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    1. re: Karl S.

      By the same author: "The Bean Bible." Informative and entertaining.


    2. FULL OF BEANS, by Brooke Dojny, has 75 bean recipes, and the ones I've tried are quite good.

      1. Fagioli: the Bean Cuisine of Italy

        1. Daily Bean :
          175 Easy and Creative Bean Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner....And, Yes, Dessert by Suzanne Caciola White

          Beans :
          More than 200 Delicious, Wholesome Recipes from Around the World by Aliza Green

          Easy Beans: Fast and Delicious Bean, Pea, and Lentil Recipes, Second Edition by Trish Ross

          Fagioli: The Bean Cuisine of Italy
          by Judith Barrett