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Jan 30, 2005 08:40 PM

Trader Jose's Mole Rojo

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Trader Jose's Mole Rojo is a new product at Trader Joe's. I followed the directions on the jar, but going light on the mole to broth ratio.

The result was nice, though my conservatism was too timid. I think that following the exact 1 cup mole to 2 cups broth will make this an excellent Trader Jose addition.

The 16 ounce jar costs $3.99 and is made in Mexico.

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  1. I was wanting to try that mole, but hesitated without a taste test.

    How much heat does the jar of mole have from the chilis and spices? If rating on the American rated salsas, would you consider it mild? medium? hot? extra hot?

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      it's mild; actually no heat. Perhaps you could saute chilis with the chicken before you had the mole.

    2. Sound good! However, I once tried their Mole Poblano version (I was having a serious mole craving and was being lazy since I was already at TJ's) and it was AWFUL!!! First, the Mole had the texture of pudding... then when I made the sauce, it was OVERPOWERED by an orange peel flavor that made it bitter and muddy... I was so upset, I tossed the jar right then and there in the trash... The next day, I did what I should have done, just picked up the Dona Maria at Ralphs/Kroger... SO much better and Dona Maria is also cheaper...