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Jan 30, 2005 02:48 PM

Anyone have great grapefruit dessert recipes?

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I love grapefruit, and I am currently having a serious craving for something sweet involving this wonderful fruit.

I've never really heard of anything beyond grapefruit sorbet...but am hoping there are some baked goods out there as well.

Please help, I'm desperate! :)

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    Grapefruit meringue pie is terrific, substituting fresh squeezed grapefruit juice for lemon.

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      This IS a great topic. How about Brown Derby Grapefruit cake? There are two recipes in Jean Anderson's American Century Cookbook and I'm sure one is available on line.
      I've never made it, though.
      I'm also sure there are some good grapfruit ice creams.

      1. re: jennyreese

        +1 on the cake. Amazing and unexpected.

    2. Great topic--I don't cook w/ grapefruit enough. I don't recall ever encountering a baked dessert incorporating grapefruit, but I'm sure they're out there.

      My MIL makes a very simple yet delicious grapefruit dessert w/ prunes adapted from Jacques Pepin, I believe. Basic recipe: Fan out grapefruit segments on each plate to look like a star. In a saucepan on med. heat, steep some prunes in good red wine and a little sugar til prunes swell and soften and liquid is reduced to a thin syrup. Star anise and/or clove thrown in might be nice too. Arrange a few prunes atop grapefruit on each plate and drizzle w/ syrup. Serve alone or w/ shortbread or butter cookies. Goes well w/ port.

      1. Here is a site with a bunch of grapefruit dessert recipes. I suggest not starting with this one. Made me laugh out loud. Marshmallows and KoolWhip anyone?


        1. There is a current Jacques Pepin episode where he makes a Pink Grapefruit Terrine with orange sauce. It looked very good. The terrine is essentially grapefruit segments in a liquid consisting of the extra juice, gelatin, honey and mint. The surrounding sauce is a combination of orange marmalade, orange juice, and Grand Marnier. I think the recipe is in his current book.


          1. One of my favorite desserts is a replication of a grapefruit dessert I had at Domaine de Beauvoir in the Loire Valley.

            Pink or dark ruby grapefruit segments arranged in a shallow oven-proof dish, napped with a sweet sabayon sauce and run under the broiler until the top is golden. It's extremely elegant and complex and goes great with a Sauternes.