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Jan 30, 2005 12:20 PM

buffalo chicken dip

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I am trying to get the buffalo chicken dip receipe. I know it was given a while back but Ican not find it. (forgive me I am new at this)

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  1. Bonnie's Buffalo Chicken Dip

    4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts havlve, about 2 lbs.
    poached and shredded with 2 forks
    1 12 oz. bottle Frank's Hot Sauce
    2 8 oz. pkgs cream cheese
    1/2 C. chopped celery
    1 16 0z. bottle of ranch dressing
    8 oz. shredded sharp cheddar or jack cheese

    Preheat oven to 375 F. In a 13X9X2 baking dish, combine the chicken and bottle of Franks and smooth to an even layer. In a saucepan over mediuim heat combine cream cheese and ranch dressing. Stir until smooth and hot. Pour evenly over the chicken and sprinkle the celery on evenly over it all. Bake 20 mins uncovered then sprinkle on the cheese and bake until just bubbly and melted. Let stand 10 minutes before serving. Serve with sturdy scoopers like celery sticks or crn chips, one person suggested just a spoon.

    I would be tempted to use Marie's Blue Cheese dressing istead of ranch and blue cheese since that would be
    more faithful to traditional hot wings.

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    1. re: Candy

      I made this on Saturday to rave reviews. I used the D. L. Jardine's Texas Champagne Sauce instead of Frank's and it was quite good. One note, you really do have to let it sit for ten minutes to set up. I shredded the chicken with my fingers to a size that would fit the chip, and one party goer commented that the shredded chicken was nicer that the time she had the dip with diced chicken.

      1. re: Candy

        This sounds like it will be great for our Superbowl party - has anyone tried it with Lite Cream Cheese?

          1. re: Wendy B

            My sister made it with light Ranch dressing and said it was watery.

          2. re: Candy

            One time I substituted Marie's blue cheese and I'm not going back to ranch.

            1. re: LizR

              Did you use the Marie's instead of the Ranch AND the blue cheese or was it just a replacement for the ranch?