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Jan 30, 2005 10:01 AM

What lazy hobbitses eat....

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A quick update:

I made a butternut squash soup: sauteed leeks, head of garlic, cup or so of wine after they were soft, one roasted squash, quart of chicken broth, pureed, added lite cream and salt to taste. Was excellent with the Whole Wheat French Bread I made.

Main course was chuck roast cooked four 4 hours with pureed tomatoes, garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper poured around it (this came out heavenly). Side dishes: roasted potatoes and carrots and steamed brocoli. Lot's of ale.

I fell in LOVE with the limbas bread idea so I made shortbread cookies that were fantastic (had never made shortbread before and I am sold!) I looked everywhere for banana leaves and even tried to dye a few corn husks but ultimately only ended up with green fingers. What I decided on was some old nori we have that WOULD have worked perfectly if we hadn't devoured the 'limbas bread' before they were wrapped up. I served it with ice cream because I have a new ice cream maker and I can't get enough. I'm sure hobbitses LOVED ice cream.

Unfortunately we didn't even watch the old friend we haven't seen in ten years showed up so we all sat around and talked all night. The plan is to watch them next weekend.

Thanks for all the help. Your posts really made me laugh and were very helpful.

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  1. Thanks for your follow up. Sounds like a great meal even though you didn't get to the movies. I've never made shortbread cookies before either, but I recall recipes to be pretty simple. Can you post or provide link to the recipe that you used? Thanks.

    FWIW, I usually find banana leaves in the freezer case at Asian or Latino markets. Sounds like you searched high and low though.

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      I did search high and low but I have to say that the old nori works perfectly - it's a nice dark green color and it's old so it's not brittle and will bend without breaking.

      The shortbread cookies I went for are off of I looked at all my favorite sites and some of them seemed more complicated then necessary (making sure the butter was cold, putting the dough in the fridge for several hours, adding cornstarch that leaves a chalky texture that goes away after they cool, etc). I chose a simple brown sugar recipe that won a baking contest. I beat the sugar and eggs together with a whisk and then mixed the rest of the dough with my hands (was too thick for my mixer). I formed the dough into rectangular logs and cut them off and shaped with my hand rather than rolling and using cookie cutters as the recipe suggests. I added toffee chips to a few of them with excellent success. All 24 were gone by the next morning. Also, I read a lot of people complaining about their cookies burning - when will people learn?....use a shiny metal pan! Mine were perfectly even all the way around and I had to double the time they were in the oven, too (I waited until the edges looked golden and the middle was slightly firm to the touch).



    2. Sounds absolutely delish! I can imagine the roast right now. Too bad about the banana leaves. Another backup idea might be to just use dark green napkins from a party store and cut them into leafy shapes.

      I was just enjoying some Samuel Smith's Organic Ale this past weekend and it seemed like just the thing a Hobbit would enjoy. ("It comes in pints?!") Best of luck on the next attempt.