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Jan 30, 2005 08:58 AM

Rethinking my Angelfood Cake -- Regular Sugar vs. Superfine Sugar

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I was wondering if the problem with my slightly fallen, slightly denser chocolate angelfood cake was due to the fact that I used superfine sugar instead of regular sugar without altering the amount.

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  1. I use C&H Baking Sugar(super-fine) measure for measure when baking with no ill effects. I think it gives a better texture to cookies and cakes, It combines better and more rapidly when creaming. I'm not an angel food fan so that I'm not sure about. Was the day really humid when you were tryig to make the cake? When you are working with egg whites and sugar and for that matter flour, humidity can play a bit role in how things turn out.

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    1. re: Candy

      I'm going to try to make the cake again next week and see if there is any difference with regular sugar. I don't think there was a humidity factor. My NYC apartment is not at all humid, if anything, a bit dry, but not terribly. It's funny, because this time I thought that the egg whites whipped up brilliantly.

      1. re: Nancy S.

        Maybe the egg whites were slightly overbeaten and the cake rose before the structure could set?

        1. re: Middydd

          That's an interesting idea. Any recommendation as to how the whites should look when they are at the right stage for folding in the flour?

          1. re: Nancy S.

            I think they should be glossy and hold a tall peak that will bend over a bit. So...I think you would stop just before "stiff peaks". If you loose your glossy-ness and you start to see the whites look chunky when you fold them, the it's dried out too much. You know how whipped cream looks when you've over-whipped it...sorta the same effect.

            1. re: danna

              I think that I may have got carried away with this last cake. I'm trying again on Friday and will follow your advice. Thanks.

    2. The sugar substitution would not make a difference if you measured by weight. But if you measured by volume, the superfine may well have weighed more than a cup of regular granulated.

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      1. re: saucyknave

        I measured by volume. I am in great need of a scale. It's time for an investment in one.