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Muir Glen roasted tomatoes

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Has anyone tried this brand? I want to use them for tomato soup.

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  1. I use Muir Glen tomatoes and I think they are the best, freshest tasting canned tomatoes. I believe in most taste testings (such as cooks illustrated) they always win for being the best tasting. I have never had the roasted tomatoes though.

    1. I converted to Muir Glen a few months ago. I took several cooking classes at Sur La Table and all the chefs kept raving about these tomatoes. There certainly is a difference, they are full of flavor. The have several styles, but I think the roasted tomatoes are best.

      1. Very good & nice not to have to roast them myself.

        1. Wonderful. A very nice thing about this brand is that they use enamel-lined cans, which reduces the bitter taste that comes from using unlined cans. Depending on the ripeness of the tomatoes, they can be much better than Italian tomatoes from unlined cans (and I don't know any Italian tomatoes that are available here in lined cans, just glass from time to time).

          1. I try to always buy Muir Glen when I can (it's not available all over here). I used the fire roasted tomatoes in lasagna (a really unique flavor punch) and in a stewed chicken sort of recipe.

            1. I am a big fan of Muir Glen tomatoes. I use them when I make a 'cooked' type salsa. But recently I tried a can of their roasted tomatoes, and it ruined the taste of the cooked salsa I was making. I'll stick to the non roasted ones from now on.

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                yes, i use them all the time, they are great for making a puttanesca sauce, imparts a real smoky flavor. I like to combine the roasted whole tomatoes with the diced tomatoes, this creates a good textures---you usually don't need to add paste this way, as the sauce stays pretty thick---

              2. Another fan here. I also happen to think that their canned pizza sauce and ketchup are the best of their kind.

                1. I love their line of tomatoes. Their roasted tomatoes are wonderful if you want a more smoky complex taste to your soup. If you're looking for something bright and fresh, the regular ones will fit your bill.

                  1. I love these tomatoes, use them in all my dishes, and go crazy when they are on sale. I don' t have a whole lot of use for the roasted type, though we did try them once (can't remember what for) and they had a good flavor.

                    They have a new product, canned plum tomatoes, which are even better for a nice thick sauce.

                    Sadly (though I guess it doesn't matter, I'm still buying them) they are now owned by General Mills (along with Cascadia Farms).

                    1. I am never without them in my pantry.

                      I also always have the MG Fire Roasted Tomatoes & Green Chilis as well - its heresy where I'm from but if you promise not to out me, I'll admit they are even better than Rotel!

                      1. These are the only canned tomatoes I use anymore. Absolutely wonderful! I used the fire-roasted tomatoes in a Tuscan Bean Soup last week. Added a nice slightly smoky flavor.