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Jan 29, 2005 08:16 AM

Pasteurized Crab

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I've been given a tub of Philip's Crab, pasteurized crab meat. It has a long expiration date. I just don't know. I make good crab cakes but have always gotten a live crab and gone from there. Would I be wasting my time using this pasteurized product for crab cakes or should I bury this stuff in a dip of some sort?

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  1. Here in Michigan, we have lots of water, but no I've relied on the Phillips crab before and had good results with crab cakes. Plus it's a time saver, eliminating picking the crab. You could try half and if you don't like it, use it in another form (dip, etc.) Good luck.

    1. This is a very, very big company in the crab business! They sell to Costco and Sam's Club. It is not crab from this country though and the people in Maryland will diss it. But, it's very good.

      You should have no problem enjoying your crab cake recipe with this product. We have used it several times and it's good. I am not a crab expert other than to know right away when a crab cake sucks! I do not want filling in my crab cake! I can look at them and tell you...If you don't see lots of crab protruding out the sides, you know it sucks!

      I believe the crab comes from Thailand and it is strictly monitored. I was a convention in New Orleans sponsored by Phillips about 10 years ago.. It's fine...Once you open that can, use all of it! Goes bad very fast!

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        We had a fantastic appetizer a few months back with crab...You said you had a whole tub of crab so if you have leftover...It was crab mixed with cream cheese and I think a tiny bit of heavy cream. They then formed it into a ice cold mound shaoe and poured cocktail sauce over the entire thing at the time it was served..Sort of like an ice cream sundae...terrific! You might want to consider some chopped scallions in the crab and perhaps some Bay Seasoning...Just a thought for you.

      2. I am so glad to get good reviews of this product and feel reassured!

        1. OK, guess it time for the Maryland contingent to chime in. I would never use this crab for crabcakes, which demand jumbo lump crabmeat. What you have in the can is far more suitable for crab soup, crab dip, etc. The Phillips brand was once well-regarded in Maryland, but it now simply a joke.