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Jan 28, 2005 04:18 PM

since Valentine's Day is a Monday.....

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...are you planning a special meal afterwork? If so, what are you cooking?

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  1. Funny you should post this - we are, in fact, making a special meal. The problem is that I haven't quite nailed down all of the details. I *think* that the newest "final" menu is:

    Appetizer - actually, I don't know what yet. Maybe clams casino or something...
    Main Course - lobster pot pie with roasted asparagus spears
    Dessert - croissant bread pudding

    Plus, of course, some champagne!

    We just wanted something special and we both LOVE lobster but never buy it, so it seemed like a good occasion!

    Soon -

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    1. re: jellybelly

      If you never buy lobster I'd like to make a recommendation. You are probably already aware of 'culls', lobsters that only have one claw. They are cheaper than whole lobsters, and are perfect for making a pie, or any preparation that doesn't require the whole lobster.

      1. re: Doug

        Thanks for the suggestion, Doug. Can you believe that I live in Boston (lobster capital of the world) and didn't know that? Thanks again!

      2. re: jellybelly

        I think I'll make rack of lamb with roasted asparagus and roasted new potatoes

      3. Gruyere gougeres to start

        First Course - Caesar Salad

        Entree - Rack of lamb and braised lamb shoulder. Still working on the sides.

        Dessert - possibly frozen hot chocolate.