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Jan 28, 2005 01:38 PM

Valentine's menu - dessert to go with icewine

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I know I'm planning ahead somewhat, but my spouse and I have decided that instead of going out to a restaurant for Valentine's Day this year, we're going to stay in and cook a really special meal for ourselves.

I've been assigned salad and dessert thus far, and I need help with dessert ideas. We've got an Inniskillin Cabernet Franc Icewine downstairs, and I'd love something to go with that. Chocolate would be great, of course, but I don't want it to be too sweet. Any thoughts, chocolate or otherwise?

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  1. How about a really good cannoli with good mascarpone that isn't very sweet? I had one recently in Philadelphia that was awesome (I don't like really sweet desserts). Only a hint of sugar, but the icewine would make it a perfect combo. If you want, you could drizzle good dark semi-sweet chocolate over it.

    1. Panna Cotta made with minimum of gelatin..

      Grammercy Tavern / Claudia Flemming has a lovely version with buttermilk. I also like the Chez Panisse / Silverton version.

      I would serve them with rhubarb-strawberry sauce (both just coming into season here) or espresso gelatin and a crisp cookie. Yummy.

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        The panna cotta is defintely the desert to pair with ice wine. I find it totally conflicts with anything chocolate. You need something creamy for sure.
        A creme brulee would also be a great choice.

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        La Dolce Vita

        Personally, I don't like to drink alcohol with chocolate because I think it competes too much with the chocolate. I also don't like to add cognac to chocolate ganache, and I don't care for brandied cherries and chocolate. So take my advice with a grain of salt, especially if you palate is different.

        I agree with the other posters below that a cheese-based dessert is the way to go with icewine. A cheesecake with fruit swirled in, or even fresh berries might be nice. Or a custardy pear tart or fruit pie might be the ticket. I just checked Rose Levy Beranbaum's Pie & Pastry Bible, and she has recipes for an Apple Weincreme Chiffon Tart and a Pear Chiffon Tart that might fit the bill. Hope this helps.

        Hope you have a happy Valentine's day!

        1. How about the oft-discussed pear tart posted by galleygirl??