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Jan 28, 2005 11:44 AM

Help-My Angelfood Cake is Falling

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I don't know what happened. I have made the Cake Bible's chocolate lover's angelfood cake many, many times. This time, however, when I turned it upside down, a piece of the top detached, and then, about thirty minutes later, the cake disengaged from the pan. This has never happened before. I'm sure that it's not under-baked, and I don't think that it's over-baked either (but I'm not entirely sure, although I baked it for the usual amount of time). I have left it in the pan, but I turned the pan sideways to prevent further disaster. Should I start all over again?

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  1. I was worried, and the cake seems for the most part not warm, so I removed it from the pan and stood it upright. It seems to be holding up, but it looks a bit smaller than usual. I'm still worried, however, that the taste or texture won't be optimal.

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    1. re: Nancy S.

      It will be interesting to hear how it tasted. It does sound to me like it was under baked. Since you baked it for the same length of time as previous cakes, you might try testing the temperature of your oven. It may have wandered a bit low.

      1. re: Dorothy

        I served it last night and it was delicious. Comparing it to my previous cakes, I would say that this one was maybe a bit denser, but since it is angelfood it was still quite light. The taste was delicious -- most likely because the eggs were very fresh, the vanilla was Nielsen-Massey and the chocolate was Scharffen Berger.

    2. Angel food cakes do mysterious things sometimes. I've made a hundred of them and once (thankfully only once), the whole cake let go of the pan, slid down the bottle I had it turned upside down on, and landed, split, on the countertop. I have no idea what happened. You would think there might have been grease on the pan sides, but I used that pan for only angel food cake (unless some unauthorized family member used the pan w/out my knowledge...which I doubt).

      I made one last week that seemed smaller than usual. Who knows? I think I do everything exactly the same every time.

      Were you going to ice it? Frosting covers so many sins. Good luck.

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        Thanks so much for your imput. I had not planned on icing it, but I think that for tonight's dinner party, I will serve it already plated from the kitchen (with a scoop of vanilla ice cream).

        1. re: Nancy S.

          You could turn into a trifle!