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Jan 28, 2005 07:46 AM

pork bones and puha - Maori/New Zealand dish

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when I lived in Australia, we used to have this all the time with our Maori friends. It's so simple - essentially pork, greens, and kumara/potatoes boiled up together - but so tasty. But my attempts to make it have been thoroughly boring... can someone suggest the best way to replicate it?

I plan to use watercress instead of puha. I've seen some recipes that use cabbage, but not sure about that. What kind of pork is best? If I remember correctly, it seemed like their boil-ups usually had meaty joint bones. Also, any estimate on the amount of salt? I've been salting it about what I would stew, but I think it needs much more salt (in fact, I think it probably needs to be about the same salinity as sea water, which makes sense, given maori culture. I wouldn't be surprised if they used sea water for their boil-ups traditionally) So how much salt? What about dumplings? I don't remember having them in it, but I've seen recipes online that call for them.

Not sure if anyone can help. Here's to hoping someone has some experience with New Zealand culture/cuisine.

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  1. Hi. I ran a search for pork and puha recipes on google and got a few sites with recipes that look pretty good. I'm going to try cooking some p&p tonight. We'll use pork bones (you could use bacon bones, but I'm assuming they'll be a far too salty) and I've got both puha and water cress so I can try them both and see which I prefer. Apparently puha is a more bitter flavour.

    Good luck!