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Jan 28, 2005 05:47 AM

Home Made Hummus

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I was looking for Harissa and found this recipe


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  1. FWIW, I never add oil when I make hummus. If it needs thinning, I use water or leftover cooking liquid (if I cooked the chick peas myself). Thinning with water makes a much lighter, creamier hummus. Which may seem counterintuitive, but try it sometime.

    1. My hummous is based on the recipe in the original Moosewood cookbook, which is simple and good. It doesn't call for oil and I don't think I'd like the recipe you've found. Many recipes do call for a drizzle of good oil over the top before serving, which is nice, but you're probably talking about a tablespoon at most.

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        Abigail Shneerson

        I only make hummus with olive oil, but never use harissa. I preffer the adjika instead.

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          We have been using the original Moosewood recipe for years. We double the garlic and triple the parsley called for. Otherwise it is a great recipe. It calls for some cayenne and tamari sauce to kick it up.

          I recently made a batch with cilantro instead of flat parsley---due to a brain cramp at the supermarket. It was delicious.

          I don't use any olive oil, and also thin the hummos carefully with the cooking liquid from the garbanzo beans. The food processor makes the hommos in a minute, and seems to fluff it up as well. The hummos does freeze well.

          I garnish with some parsley and a squeeze of lemon juice.
          p.s. Trader Joe's has a horseradish hummos that is awesome. I may try to add some horseradish to a part of my homemade next time around.

        2. I wouldn't add oil either but it probably would taste just fine.

          Here's an idea for hummus lovers: recently a local brand with many hummus variations (no, not authentic) came up with Wasabi hummus, ohmigod is it good! Along with the usual ingredients & wasabi, ginger is listed as an ingredient. I will probably attempt homemade soon as my grocer doesn't seem to be carrying it anymore.

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            post a recipe, please ! Sounds wonderful to me.

          2. That recipe is pretty close to the one I use, except that like others, rather than water, I'll thin the hummos with the bean liquid. I do actually add a little olive oil to my hummos, which makes it rich and creamy, but it's optional. I also think that the amount of garlic in the recipe you linked is too much -- I'd start with 1-2 garlic cloves per 14 oz can of beans -- if it's not garlicky enough for your taste, you can always add more, but the raw garlic can overwhelm the other flavors if you add too much.

            1. For optimum smoothness use a blender, not a food processor, if possible. You'll have to add a touch more liquid (cooking liquid from chick peas or can) to make it blend well, but this produces an exceptionally creamy and dippable hummus.