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Jan 27, 2005 05:24 PM

Thank you GG Mora for the Celestial Braised Shortrib recipe!

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I found this in some old posts and finally got around to making is fantastic and so easy to make. Hub has already requested that I make it again. Reducing the sauce to the right consistency makes such a difference in the intensity of the flavor! Thanks again for posting...I've linked it below if anyone is interested - makes a great wintertime dish.


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  1. I second this recipe-- I made it last winter and it's wonderful.

    1. Now I'm torn as to which oft-praised CH short rib recipe I should make (respected hound GG Mora's or some dude Daniel Boulud!). Having never had Short Ribs before, whichever I choose will set the standard! Whaddaya say chowhounds? The ribs (from local Mennonite farmers) are in my freezer already.

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        may not be oft-praised on this board (it gets 4 forks on epicurious), but I'd like to throw another one in the mix. I made the one on the link below twice in the last month and it has become one of our favorites.


        1. re: wurstle

          Wurstle, good call! The Alex Stratta short-ribs recipe from Bon Appetit (available on is the only one I ever make, often requested and always appreciated by family and friends. It is so delicious, we see no need to ever try another.

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            Just went to epicurious to find the recipe and found 35 short rib recipes, many of which are from Bon Apetit. Could you narrow it down for me. Thanks

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                Thanks for the recipe.
                I made the celestial ones last night, but didn't get round ot eating them, so they'll be dinner tonight.
                I guess, I'll try this recipe another time.

          2. re: wurstle

            All that AND an excuse to buy port! Will add it to the list for consideration.

          3. re: julesrules

            With either, make Boulud's Celeriac mashed potatoes--really, really good!

          4. These sound wonderful and remind me of a lamb shank recipe from Patricia Worthington's American Bistro. Pretty much the same idea, but sub shanks for the ribs, prunes for the dates, and 2 cups of wine for some of the stock.

            Wonderful over a celeriac and potato mash.

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            1. re: Renata

              why do you change the dates to prunes? Would either, or other various fruits, work as well ?
              sounds good.