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Jan 27, 2005 12:54 PM

famous pear tart

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I am going to bake the pear tart this weekend, and was thinking about adding cardamom to the recipe. Just a bit nervous about how much. Does 1/4 tsp sound enough to be tasted, I'm afraid 1/2 would be too much.

Thanks for the advice

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  1. I was planning on trying out the recipe this weekend as well and also have a question.

    The recipe calls for a hand mixer in order to cream some ingredients. I don't have a hand mixer. What I have is some pretty well developed wrist muscles (at least on one side) from a lifetime of "beating" in, um, another context.

    If I put some elbow grease into it might that be sufficient without the help of an appliance, or will I fail to achieve creamage using only a fork and my arm because of some reason like it's just impossible to go fast enough on one's own or something like that?

    in every weather,

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      Creaming, as it were, can be done manually, but better with the back of a wooden spoon than with a fork, plus repeated steady, smooshing pressure.

      1. re: lqf

        And begin you operations by letting the butter sit at room temperature for two hours...

        The only times I was forced to produce baked goods without the benefit of an electric beater, I used to leave them out overnite. The wooden spoon advice is right on; you kind of have to fold the bowl against you with your other arm to get enough leverage....
        When you *think* it's done, keep going! ;)
        When you think you're ready to stop again, keep going....
        Think having it looked like whipped cream, but with a firmer texture of course...
        Hey, our grandmothers did it this way!


        1. re: galleygirl

          if you can find the rare wooden spoon/spatula with a hole in the middle of it you will be golden. Follow all the previous advice given as it has been excellent. Short story: when you think you're done, beat for 10 more minutes. Think you're done now? See above.

          When you're done the mixture will look pale and relatively light in weight. This is key to getting the texture of cake to come out correctly.


    2. A little cardomom goes a long way.

      Start with a smidge, then taste the batter to get an idea if it is enough for your taste. (BTW, I always taste batters and make adjustments as needed.)

      1. I added a pinch (maybe 1/8 tsp.) and I thought it could have used more. Cardamom and pears are an excellent combination though.

        1. Thanks for the guidence, I'll start with 1/8 and taste my way on up.