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Jan 27, 2005 08:19 AM


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I just bought a whole thingie of celery and my recipe only needs a stalk...TWO QUESTIONS: what shall I do with the rest AND how can I store it so that it will last like say a month or so...

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  1. My mother taught me this (so I thought) corny trick, and it REALLY works.

    Take the celery out of the plastic bag, and totally wrap it tightly in aluminum foil. last more than a month, for those of us who only use a few stalks in soup, and such.

    I use more when I make Vietnamese Hot and Sour fish soup, and i try to remember to chop in a stalk with other soups as well, to increase their health and fibre quotient...


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      Any chance that you can post the recipe for the Vietnamese Hot and Sour fish soup? It sounds tasty...

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        check your email box...;)

        I only had it scanned, so it's attached as a jpeg....


    2. You could try braised celery. I just got Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, which has this recipe. I remember Julie Powell (of the Julie/Julia Project) saying this recipe was a lot better than you'd think it would be.


      1. Unless you really hate celery, it's good to fill in the hole with cream cheese and paprika or with peanut butter and eat as a snack.

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          And, with the cream cheese on celery, dot in a row of brined capers, too.

          Or, at the Montage the other day, they sliced the celery lengthwise very thin (like a plank of wood) and used it for tiny spoons of caviar.

          Garnish a shrimp cocktail with the celery end leaves.

          Make a mirepoix, portion it out into freezer containers, and freeze until needed for soup, sauce, or recipe. See,

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            That reminds me: Make lots of bloody marys with celery stalks for garnish (My bartender use to say"A tree growns in Brooklyn" every time she stuck one in a drink, which will stick in my mind to the day I die!)

        2. What to do with it:
          1) Braise whole celery stalks in chicken broth seasoned with thyme, salt and pepper. (I usually use the low-sodium broth in cooking, so I can control how salty the end-product will be.) Makes a nice side dish with dinner.
          2) Eat it raw with onion dip, hummus or ranch dressing or whatever your favorite might be.
          3) Slice it and toss it into your mixed-greens dinner salad.
          4) Chop it up and add it to egg salad, tuna salad, chicken salad, etc.
          5) Fill raw stalks with a combination of bleu cheese and whipped cream cheese. Smooth peanut butter works as a nice celery stuffing, too.

          How to make it last a month? I have to admit that you've got me there. But we love celery, so it doesn't last that long in our house.

          1. It's a great accompaniment to pizza. As are kosher dill pickles. Sounds strange, but the crunch-cold-salty thing complements pizza well.