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Jan 26, 2005 06:43 PM

Pasta article in the NYTimes

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The NY Times website (and newspaper I assume) is running an article about making pasta and gnocchi. My main reason for mentioning it is that on their front page it shows up as the 4th most emailed article! (and that's out of every article, op-ed, etc. on the website) If it's that popular with the general public, I figure you all ought to know about it.

The interesting food take in it is that they eschew using a pasta machine and give some simpler/quicker ideas for turning the dough into edible bits, like shredding with a grater and spooning.


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  1. I emailed this to my girlfriend yesterday, and almost posted it here. I think that we are going to try this weekend! I've never made fresh pasta before.

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      Fresh homemade pasta is great, and not that hard to make, so: excellent idea.

      What I like about it is, first, the texture. Store bought pasta always on the edge of overcooking where you wind up with mush. Homemade is a bit more resilient I guess because of the egg. It always has a nice al dente snap to it.

      Second, it has a distinct flavor, again I think because of the egg. So, if you use a very light topping, you get a nice flavor.