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Jan 26, 2005 02:32 PM

What would a Hobbit eat?

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We are hosting a very small all day 'event' on Saturday: the viewing of the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy. So what should I serve? We like a lot of flavor, doesn't have to be too upscale but doesn't have to be low-brow either - I'm mainly looking for fairly simple on the day of, but I'm willing to spend the day before in preparation. Again, this is all day so several small things or something we can eat all day long, preferably (It is 12 hours long). Any ideas? I can't really think of a theme in this case....

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    East Point Cook

    There's a funny line in one of the films about how hobbits always eat "second breakfast."
    That could be a theme.

    Some food ideas could be chili with corn bread or some stews and soups...simmering on the stove all day, made the day before.

    1. English country foods-- lots of beer and cider, apples, and things like bangers and mash with onion gravy, bubble and squeak, a roasted turkey or chicken. Or a brace of coneys (rabbits) and roasted taters, as seen in the exchange between Gollum and Sam in Two Towers. The beginning of the Fellowship book has a section "On Hobbits" that states that Hobbits like straightforward, hearty fare, and love their beer.

      Or you could go the gross angle, and have raw fish for Gollum, and "nuffing but maggoty bread for free whole days" in honor of the fighting Uruk-hai. Oh, and some link sausages and carpaccio in honor of the fight they have right afterward about fresh meat. ("What about them? They're fresh!")

      On an archived General Topics (or Not About Food?) board around this time last year, there was a long discussion of food references in the trilogy. You might find some ideas there.

      And yes, I am a LOTR dork.

      1. As I recall, they are passionately fond of mushrooms...

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          You do see Sam and Gollum eating a rabbit stew, and Sam talks wistfully about taters...

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          You could go a different way with this and serve foods from New Zealand, since that's where they filmed the trilogy . . . but I'm not familiar with Kiwi cuisine so I don't know what that would be. Anyway, just a thought.

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            If you head in the New Zealand direction, you can't go wrong with Shrimp on a Barbie...Get a nice clean Barbie and sit her on the side of the plate...fill the plate with Shrimp and a nice dipping sauce. You could dress Barbie like a Hobbit.

            Okay, clearly I need to go do some work now.

            1. re: Cyndy

              Hobbits disliked water, I doubt they would eat much seafood.

              I agree with 'emdb'. English food. Plus lots of mushrooms, bacon ("the salted pork is particularly good"), potatoes, small game meats, beer, tea. I'll bet 'The Two Fat Ladies' would have lots of relevant recipes.

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                Kiwi food is meat pies (don't forget the gravy) and sausage rolls, rabbit, roasted lamb, burgers with beet slices, pumpkin soup (we noticed this offered all over, lots of pumpkin), honeycomb ice cream and pavlovas. And we ate a lot of roasted fish, too. We loved everything we ate in NZ - it was all delicious!

            2. This may have been in The Hobbit, rather than in the trilogy, but I seem to recall that they ate something called bannock, which was a type of bread (I think).