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What would a Hobbit eat?

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We are hosting a very small all day 'event' on Saturday: the viewing of the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy. So what should I serve? We like a lot of flavor, doesn't have to be too upscale but doesn't have to be low-brow either - I'm mainly looking for fairly simple on the day of, but I'm willing to spend the day before in preparation. Again, this is all day so several small things or something we can eat all day long, preferably (It is 12 hours long). Any ideas? I can't really think of a theme in this case....

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    East Point Cook

    There's a funny line in one of the films about how hobbits always eat "second breakfast."
    That could be a theme.

    Some food ideas could be chili with corn bread or some stews and soups...simmering on the stove all day, made the day before.

    1. English country foods-- lots of beer and cider, apples, and things like bangers and mash with onion gravy, bubble and squeak, a roasted turkey or chicken. Or a brace of coneys (rabbits) and roasted taters, as seen in the exchange between Gollum and Sam in Two Towers. The beginning of the Fellowship book has a section "On Hobbits" that states that Hobbits like straightforward, hearty fare, and love their beer.

      Or you could go the gross angle, and have raw fish for Gollum, and "nuffing but maggoty bread for free whole days" in honor of the fighting Uruk-hai. Oh, and some link sausages and carpaccio in honor of the fight they have right afterward about fresh meat. ("What about them? They're fresh!")

      On an archived General Topics (or Not About Food?) board around this time last year, there was a long discussion of food references in the trilogy. You might find some ideas there.

      And yes, I am a LOTR dork.

      1. As I recall, they are passionately fond of mushrooms...

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          You do see Sam and Gollum eating a rabbit stew, and Sam talks wistfully about taters...

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          You could go a different way with this and serve foods from New Zealand, since that's where they filmed the trilogy . . . but I'm not familiar with Kiwi cuisine so I don't know what that would be. Anyway, just a thought.

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            If you head in the New Zealand direction, you can't go wrong with Shrimp on a Barbie...Get a nice clean Barbie and sit her on the side of the plate...fill the plate with Shrimp and a nice dipping sauce. You could dress Barbie like a Hobbit.

            Okay, clearly I need to go do some work now.

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              Hobbits disliked water, I doubt they would eat much seafood.

              I agree with 'emdb'. English food. Plus lots of mushrooms, bacon ("the salted pork is particularly good"), potatoes, small game meats, beer, tea. I'll bet 'The Two Fat Ladies' would have lots of relevant recipes.

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                Kiwi food is meat pies (don't forget the gravy) and sausage rolls, rabbit, roasted lamb, burgers with beet slices, pumpkin soup (we noticed this offered all over, lots of pumpkin), honeycomb ice cream and pavlovas. And we ate a lot of roasted fish, too. We loved everything we ate in NZ - it was all delicious!

            2. This may have been in The Hobbit, rather than in the trilogy, but I seem to recall that they ate something called bannock, which was a type of bread (I think).

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                Joan Kureczka

                Definitely English country cooking. I just watched the LOTR films again over the past several nights, and recall seeing large pumpkins in several of the party scenes, so perhaps pumpkin pies or pumpkin soup could be part of your feast.

                1. Definitely the rabbit stew and mushrooms!

                  Another interesting idea might be to fake some Lembas Bread- make some shortbread cookies, about 3" square, and wrap them in little banana leaf packages before your guests arrive.

                  1. Apparently some LOTR freak (and I mean that in the nicest way) put on a Hobbit Dinner which is described in the article below which has some recipes. And even put out a cookbook....

                    Link: http://www.post-gazette.com/food/2002...

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                      Very fascinating...now THAT'S passion! Her cookbook did publish in Jan. 2003 and is available on Amazon (linked below) for those inclined...

                      For the OP: you probably don't need to go that far, but I like the idea of hearty, old-world, country cooking. To adapt it to modern times and to ensure that people do eat it, my ideas:

                      Lamb stew
                      Roasted poultry (pheasant would be great but $$$; cornish game hens more doable)
                      Roasted root veggies
                      Biscuits w/ sweet cream butter
                      Bread pudding
                      Ales and apple cider

                      You might want snacks to graze on, but can't think of anything specific right now. Have fun and please report back.

                      Link: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/...

                    2. In "The Hobbit," check out the chapter right at the beginning where the dwarves have tea with Bilbo.

                      1. I would reccommend simple country foods, and English food in particular. Some nice cheese, bangers and mash, a roast pork loin and/or a leg of lamb plus maybe a roast eye of the round to slice for sandwiches, root vegetables roasted or boiled, yeast bread or rolls, cakes and muffins, scones with honey, jam and clotted cream, a few pots of tea, maybe some nice wines and hearty beers/ales ("It comes in pints!"), oh man I am sure hungry now. I can't wait until my son is old enough for this celebration.

                        Let us know how it goes!

                        1. About 25 years ago, I read "The Hobbit" and the Trilogy to my kids. They became huge fans and still are. To assuage their disappointment that there were no more books about Hobbits, we got them a calendar with illustrations of scenes and dates of events from the books listed.

                          One day, I noticed that in about three weeks, a date listed as the day of "the unexpected party" from "The Hobbit" was coming up.

                          Of course, it might not mean that much to someone whose only experience of Tolkien is the movie Trilogy, but all the items are ones that were in Bilbo's pantry.

                          I planned ahead, got some small toy Tolkien figures, even went to Chinatown and found a Golden Dragon.

                          When the appointed day came, we had our own unexpected party with just about every dish that the dwarves had demanded of Bilbo. The toys formed a centerpiece. Don't have a copy of the books with me at the moment, but I recall the menu did include seed cakes, eggs and cold chicken and tomatoes.

                          It took the kids totally by surprise, but they loved it and still talk about occasionally.

                          You can find the entire menu in the chapter "An Unexpected Party" early in "The Hobbit." It might not mean that much to someone whose only experience of Tolkien has been the movie trilogy, but all those items were found in Bilbo's pantry.

                          1. Breakfast – toast, eggs, and sausages
                            Second breakfast – Aragorn’s apples (raw, with caramel dip, or baked w/brown sugar)
                            Elevenses – shortcut to stuffed mushrooms
                            Luncheon – Grilled parmesan tomatoes & crispy bacon
                            Afternoon tea – Earl Grey & Lembas bread
                            Dinner – Samwise Gamgee’s Potato soup
                            Supper – bread, cold chicken, cheese, pickles, summer sausage, and crackers

                            Here is a link to some recipes ... if you ever do it again. http://lotrscrapbook.bookloaf.net/oth...

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                              Thank you Fanci7! This looks like a great theme party!

                            2. One thing I've always remembered (maybe from The Hobbit?) was thick slices of fresh bread slathered with butter and honey.

                              1. I think your task is so monumental that you can't do a theme. You are going to have to feed these people a couple of meals plus a continuous flow of snacks and beverages. The only theme you could do is a have everybody come in costume.

                                I would have a braise already prepared... perhaps chile and rice which could be in crockpots. For the other meal, perhaps spaghetti and meat sauce. You could have the meat sauce already prepared and just cook the pasta.

                                You will need a continuous flow of snacks like popcorn, chips, crackers and french bread.
                                You will need several dips. Spinach dip is particularly good.

                                Shoot... I just responded to a 7 year old post.
                                And, of course, you will need a a continuous flow of liquids... beer, sodas, bottled water, wine.

                                I do not envy you. Good luck.