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Jan 26, 2005 01:53 PM

Burr grinder recommendations?

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A thread on the General Topics board has reminded me that I've been pining for a burr coffee grinder. I've checked out what's available at Amazon, and it seems like there's two price ranges. Some of them are around $50 and then some are $130 +. I am hoping that someone can recommend one of the $50-ish ones, because the others are kind of beyond my budget!

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  1. See the link to a previous thread. I've been using a manual Zassenhaus knee mill (model 156) for about 5 years and have been very pleased with it. I usually only make 2 to 4 cups at a time, so its slower speed relative to electric grinders is not an issue for me - takes about 1 minute. The grind quality is comparable to electrics costing far more.

    Advantages - quiet (to me, that's a big plus), compact, portable, excellent grind quality and not very expensive (about $72 at

    Disadvantages - slower than electrics, not suitable for people with arthritis or some other disabilities.

    See the reviews for Zassenhaus at the CoffeeGeek site recommended by Joe B. They're at


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      As an update to the 'previous thread' from May.

      I'm now on just over 12 months of daily use with the Solis Maestro Plus ($150). It broke during cleaning about 2 months ago, and other people have had the same thing happen -- there are a few plastic parts that shouldn't be plastic. It got repaired, but the note that came back said "one time repair -- non warranty part". I guess that means the next one will cost.

      Other than the durability issue I'm "satisfied". For espresso/capuccino I think an expensive grinder is worth it for evenness of grind. For drip, probably not as necessary.

      I've read (on coffeegeek) OK things about the Capresso Infinity, which is about $100, so maybe that's a good compromise between $50 and $150+

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        My husband, a Coffee Geek, highly recommends the Solis Maestro - (although now he has upgraded). The Solis Maestro Classic now sells at Costco for $79.99, which is a great value since other places sell it for $115. It's last year's model so it lacks the finer adjustments and lacks the added weight, but still a great starter burr grinder. Check out the Costco website and search for the Solis Maestro.


    2. After buying an Italian brand burr grinder as a gift, I then found that Target has burr grinders from Mr. Coffee and Black & Decker for $29.95. The Mr Coffee version I saw on the shelves seemed to have all the features of the Italian brand I got for about half the price. Might be worth the small investment to find out how good it works.