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Jan 26, 2005 11:00 AM

Marjoram uses?

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I am not familiar with using this herb, but I bought a nice bunch this past weekend. Any suggestions in using it?

In my fridge and pantry I have ground beef, onions, rice, eggs, Harvati cheese, carrots, celery, chicken breast, stock, lentils...

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  1. use as you would use thyme and/or oregano

    1. I really like it in soups--adds a brightness (don't know how else to describe it), and tastes good in both chicken soups and tomato-based pasta sauces.

      1. Many people think that marjoram is what oregano should have been. And actually it is a milder and sweeter specie of oregano. So substitue accordingly and you may never go back to plain, old oregano.

        1. This is good, although I confess I made it with fresh oregano. I wonder if it would be any good with canned tomatoes?


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            One of our favorite EPI recipes!! Don't you all get fresh grape tomatoes up north all year long? (I'm in Florida so I don't know what's available everywhere else.) I'm just wondering ... I thought they were available all year long to many locations...I would only use the fresh little grape or cherry tomatoes for this, not canned....the idea is for the tomatoes to blister and blacken a little while this roasts, imparting a most delicious flavor to the sauce and making the tomatoes even sweeter...this is a killer recipe. I've used it with fresh basil, too.

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              We can get them, but they do get pretty expensive (have seen them at $4.99 for a small basket, although I wouldn't actually pay that). I think you're right though that they are key to the recipe, it just occured to me to wonder about doing it with canned tomatoes (to different effect) because Wendy seemed to want to cook from her pantry. I probably wouldn't make it in winter at all because the whole appeal to me was using some of my crazy oregano growth. I do sometimes roast grape tomatoes on their own since making that recipe... yummy in omelettes with some feta & kalamata.

          2. I discovered marjoram last year, and ever since, I won't be without it in my fridge.

            It's one of those herbs that you never knew was so critical for so many dishes. Once you use it, you'll never stop trying to keep it on hand.

            I do a fabulous roasted chicken where I put butter that i've softened and mixed with chopped fresh marjoram and wild mushrooms under the skin. It's really fabulous, and people are forever trying to figure out what that elusive flavor/fragrance is.