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Jan 25, 2005 11:14 PM

Report back: Mediterranean dinner

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Thanks so much N Tocus and Coll!
The roasted red peppers were so good that I didn't have any leftover to hang out and marinate...just have to remember to make a few more for next time!
And the moussaka was absolutely delicious- I did make a few small adjustments,though. I didn't add lemon juice because the tomato sauce I made was a bit tart (I don't like to add too much sugar). I also added a little pecorino romano to the white sauce and reduced the butter content a tad (since all I had on hand was salted butter- I didn't want it to get too salty). It looked absolutely beautiful coming out of the oven, and tasted heavenly.
With sauteed green beans and a starter of meatball soup, dinner made everyone happy- thank you again! I'm definitely keeping these recipes in my arsenal!

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  1. Thanks for reporting back about your dinner. It sounds great! Can you supply the link that gave the recipes (esp.moussaka), as I must have missed it. Thank you!

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      Just one recipe other than roasting peppes. See link for Moussaka