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Jan 25, 2005 07:03 PM

veal breast- where's the meat?

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I bought this cut to try it as a roast. I was told it would be fatty but delicious. Well, it was nothing but fat. I barely got two morsels of meat out of it. Is that the way it's supposed to be or did I just get a really bad cut? Forgive me if this is a stupid question- this is the first time I've dealt with veal breast (or veal at all other than veal cut up for stew).

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  1. It is fatty, but did you get bone in or boneless? I get boneless and have the butcher cut a pocket in it and stuff it and then braise. No you don't get a whole lot of meat but with a good forcemeat stuffing it can be a wondrous thing.

    1. You have to look carefully when buying it. Like bacon, look for a wide strip of meat down the middle. Also, before roasting, try scoring as much of the visible fat as you can. Trick is to get much of the fat to render out without overcooking and leaving what meat there is dried out. I generally buy bone in -- it's so cheap -- and slash a pocket. I like to stuff with a mix of spinach (nuke and squeeze out water, first), feta, olive oil and garlic. Rub some on top too, then roast.

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        I haven't eaten meat in thirty years, but I remember my grandmother's stuffed breast of veal with true lust. She used to do the pocket, as you said, but stuffed it with a bread crumb and sauteed onion stuffing, her basic when making turkey...lots of salt and pepper not much else, but OH MY GAWD!!!!!! I am sure, somewhere above, she earned her crown in heven based on this dish...:)

        The meat was juicy,yet stringy; lots of fat had been rendered out, but it was never dry.....


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          We make a stuffed veal breast also. But we stuff our's with a mixture of ground beef, veal and pork with bread soaked in either whole milk or half and half. We season the meat with salt and pepper and what other spices you like sage, fennel, and etc.

          The butcher makes the pocket or you can make yourself.

          You stuffed the breast and bake until the interal temperature is 140 or more if you used pork as part of teh meat stuffing.

          The added fat for the ground meat adds a lot of favor.

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          Hey guys? Am I missing something here. Don't you have to braise this particular cut of meat?

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          Has anyone ever done a veal breast where you get your butcher to butterfly it flat like a book, put some fillings on and roll it up? There is a recipe like this in Gordon Hammersly's "Bistro Cooking at Home" that I have been wanting to try.