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Jan 25, 2005 01:04 PM

Chow Feedback from Party (Buffalo Chicken Dip, etc)

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On Saturday I had a party at home for hubby's birthday. I posted a few messages earlier related to the food I want to make for the party. Here is how it turned out and what everyone liked / disliked:

Buffalo Chicken Dip
Everyone LOVED it. The recipe is already circulating amongst the guests. I poached the chicken (bone-in breast) the night before with onion, scallions, and chicken broth. I tasted the chicken as I added the hot sauce and I only used 2/3 of the bottle of Franks. Only one person said that it wasn't hot enough. The only problem I had is that the cheese hardened really quickly after I took it out of the oven (it was all gooey and melted).

Roasted Onion Dip (from Barefoot Contessa Cookbook)
Those who tried it loved it. People overwhelmingly went for the chicken dip and ignored this onion dip. This is a perfect day-to-day chip / pretzel dip.

Chicken Satay (from AllRecipes)
The satay ended up being served at room temperature and no one really touched it. Hubby and I tasted it fresh out of the oven and it was very good. Hubby thought that perhaps the family is not into chicken being served at room temperature.

Chocolate Guinness Cake (from New York Times)
Rave reviews for this. We couldn't really taste the Guinness. Very rich chocolate flavour but not too sweet. Definitely a keeper.

Baked Brie (from Chowhound)
I baked the brie inside an artisenal bread, topped with apple slices and brown sugar. No one really touched this either. Not sure why.

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  1. I am sorry - but how do you cook the chicken in the crock pot to shred it? any spices? for how long? THANKS - i need specifics like how much broth and onion - sorry i am new at this! :-)

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      You only need enough liquid, either broth as Cecilia did or water, to cover the chicken breasts or maybe an inch more than that. Remember, the shredded cooked chicken will get its flavor from the Frank's Hot Sauce, not from whatever you cook it in to begin with. Hope this helps!

    2. thanks, the buffalo dip is on the menu for Sunday so i'll be interested to hear the reactions!