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superbowl sunday ideas

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Help!!!! My husband is going away with his buddies for a superbowl sunday weekend. He has promised them that I will make something fabulous for them to have for dinner one night. Any ideas??? I need something that will can be reheated and feed a crowd of hungry male football fans. Thanks!!!!!

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    1. chili? buffalo wings? how bout frenchie chicken nuggets and fries?

            1. Bonnie's Buffalo Chicken Dip? That's what I'm making.

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                Whoa - I totally agree with this one - I've had it before and could probably eat it until I got sick. (Which may or may not be a good thing!) Good luck!

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                  After the raves I saw here about Bonnie's buffalo chicken dip I decided to give it a try for a football party last weekend. The host is vegetarian so I bought Boca Spicy "Chicken" patties and made two versions of the dish. One substituting 3 sliced patties for the shredded chicken(halved the original recipe) and used Fat-Free cream cheese. Both dishes were a huge hit - I personally liked the vegetarian version better, it was much less runny and the patties added an interesting flavor. Next time I think I will only use half of the cream cheese as well.

                  Another option is home-made chicken/turkey pot pie or a big pot of any soup with bread and salads - all can be made ahead

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                    I'm starting to think I'm going to see a version of Bonnie's Buffalo Dip made by Stouffers by next holiday season!

                2. Men love mashed potatoes. I make a "Turkey Dinner in a Pot" thing where I just throw turkey and gravy in the bottom, then a layer of peas and carrots and stuffing, then a little more gravy, then lots of mashed potatoes on top. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese on top. Can be oven re-heated or microwaved until bubbly.

                  Then there's that old standby New England classic....nobody knows what it's called but it's hamburger and onions on the bottom, then creamed corn, then mashed potatoes.

                  A HUGE Super bowl hit at my house last year was a big glass pie plate spread with lowfat cream cheese....then a can of meat-and-bean chili, then sprinkled with some monterey jack on top. Heat until bubbling and use as a dip for Tortilla chips. This one you'd better make a LOT of because it goes like wildfire.

                  1. Chili, wings and/or nachos are always winners. Have some veggie and dip as well for the "health" factor.

                    My winning one of late is pulled pork, but then for something like the SB, I put out small potato dinner rolls. Then the pork can sit in the crock pot, a bowl of slaw on ice can be right there. Chopped onion, peppers, cheese, whatever else is sitting right there, and this way each person can make a few sandwiches over the course of the evening and only moderately overeat. Believe me - you don't want anything to fill someone up at once - everyone will want to munch all the way through.

                    Lastly, if there is anything "special" to bring out - make sure it comes out at the very beginning of halftime.

                    Oh, and now lastly - do stuff that you can do in advance easily - if you're breaking your back cooking an actual meal for them during the game then no one (incl you) will be happy.