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Ideas for breakfast on the go?

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I am in graduate school and I have to get a very early start 3 days of the week. I am trying to think of easy breakfast items that I can make and carry with me. I end up buying things like croissants and danishes on my way -- not healthy and it gets expensive.

I like oatmeal, and try to eat that in the morning before I leave, but I don't have time every day and am not the type to wake up an extra half an hour early to eat a healthy breakfast, so any thoughts on things I can grab on my way out and eat on the train? So far I've been doing yogurt but I am sick of it.

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    I make HEALTHY muffins--the ones I like best came from Eating Well magazine and have apples, raisins and wheat germ in them. They freeze well and I grab one along with a piece of fruit (whatever is seasonal, right now it's satsuma mandarines or clementines that I get at my local farmer's market here in San Francisco) on my way out the door. For my protein I rely on a non fat latte that I get near the office or you could hard boil some eggs and take that instead.

    1. Look around for oatmeal bars - there are many recipes that have dried fruit or peanut butter or other healthy things in in them.

      If you have the time, throw a scrambled egg in the microwave with a little salt and some ham. Pair that with a piece of fruit or a piece of toast.

      Peanut butter on toast with a bit of honey is an old favorite of mine.

      And as mentioned, healthy muffins are always good (Try substituting wheat flour for the white).

      Good luck!

      1. These were my ideas in this earlier post. Lots of other good posts too.

        Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

        1. Nuts are great on the go with dried or fresh fruit and a carton of low-fat or non-fat milk. A few handfuls of peanuts or almonds provides some protein and isn't too messy. Even a PB (natural only) & J on stone ground whole wheat bread is good also and you can eat that on the go, somewhat...

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            I eat raw cashews for breakfast, which is really filling, although I too am looking for new breakfast ideas preferably ones that are not fattening.

          2. Trader Joes, in the bakery section, has some breakfast-bar type things, buns with raisins, nuts, chunks of apples in there. They are pretty good. Good with peanut butter too.

            1. I pop a banana and a piece of string cheese into my big purse and eat them when I get to work. It usually holds me until lunch time.

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                This may not be helpful to you, but could be exactly right: bread machine, set the timer before you go to bed (give it a little time to cool) and fresh bread waiting on your way out, and you can make sweet-cinnamony styles don't forget.

                Drawbacks are: stuff like raisins need to be added in the middle of the cycle or they get completely obliterated, so they're out for you. And, at least for me, the smell of fresh baking bread wakes me up, and not in a good way.

                But, if you do bread machine your own stuff, you could make raisin bread when convenient, preslice and freeze and then make cinnamon toast on your way out the door.

                A bread machine is not a panacea and it does not make good "french bread", but it does make great dried fruit breads and especially for toasting.

                1. Well, I wouldn't recommend my on-the-go breakfast in college...Snickers bar and a V-8. Grossed people out left and right but it worked for me.

                  I have a long commute and eat in the car. Lately, I've been putting some whipped cream cheese on whole wheat toast, adding a slice of prosciutto and some roasted red peppers. Quick, easy and not too messy (if you pat the pepper dry). Goat cheese works well too (if it's not too gamey).

                  I will also just add PB to whole wheat bread. You might consider putting a scrambled egg in the microwave and wrapping it up in a tortilla. Hmmm...might try that myself this week.

                  1. Rice and beans cooked the night before. Weetabix drizzled with honey or maple syrup. Rice cakes spread w/ cashew butter. Apple wedges spread w/ nut butter.

                    1. I'm always in a hurry in the morning. What works for me is a whole grain bread or roll w/peanut butter and some kind of fruit.