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poll- where do you get your recipes?

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just curious- where do you find recipes-

*food sections of the newspaper
*food magazines
*forums like Chowhound
*create your own based on what is one hand
*attempt to copy favorite restaurant dishes

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  1. All of the above! I have a lot of cookbooks and files and like to look at many variations of recipes before deciding how to go forward, often with bits of several different recipes.

    But I especially love unexpectedly stumbling on something great in a newspaper or this message board!

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      Epicurious also my favorite on-line source, along with chowhound ...newspapers also are great and you can access all different newspaper's food columns at www.sautewednesday.com, another great food/cooking website. I still like certain cooking shows on the food channel and PBS; I love cookbooks but have stopped buying them so I borrow from the library. I guess on-line resources are my favorite.

    2. Epicurious.com is my single most useful source.

      I also often get recipes from friends.

      1. 75% from the food network website, 25% from food magazines

        1. I have a large library of cookbooks and we read them like novels so lots of ideas from there. We belong to a gourmet club so recipes come from some of the dinners we have had with them, some of the food mags and Epicurious is always handy when you want an idea right now.

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            How did you find the gourmet club? Did you start it?

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              We were in a large university group that got too big so a group of us splintered off. We are 12 couples and that is about right. This goes way off topic so if you would like to e-mail me I can further explain how we are set up and how the group works.

          2. All of the above. I have cookbooks and boxes and binders of recipes from papers and magazines that I rarely make. I get ideas from cooking shows. I subscribe to some Recipe groups getting emails daily. Also get ideas from this site.

            1. All of the above. I have about 60 cookbooks (I whittled the collection down last year by sending a couple big boxes to my nephew the chef). When I find a recipe I like from any source, I make a copy and file it in a binder called "tried and true". It is alphabetic by type (main dish, app, etc), with a few categories I made up and find very useful (starchy side dishes, staples).

              When I cook from Tried and True I take the recipe out and stick it on the fridge. That way I don't get my cookbooks or my recipe copy dirty.

              1. I've found an entire new world of cooking since moving to the UK. It's really perked up my interest in cooking and made me a better person in the kitchen. I especially like Delia Smith's website and I keep finding other new sites. It's amazing how many there are. www.hungrymonster is a good one and I also like www.chocolateandzucchini. New products, new TV chefs... lots of fun. But I do sneak back to the U.S. TV Food Network once in awhile. I miss it.

                1. I primarily use Food Network recipes as a guideline, followed by Epicurious and from skimming other people's cookbooks.

                  I also occasionally improvise haphazardly based on the techniques and recipes I've remembered and learned throughout the years.

                  1. Aloha,

                    All of the above plus I surf the Internet especially when looking for a particular ethnic group. Also go to ABOUT.COM and check their food and drink section. If you are interested in Hawaiian style cooking including ethic and "fusion" (ethnic style adopted to what is available locally)then the Hawaiian Electric Co. site is great. Most prominet chefs also have their own sites.

                    Good luck and malama pono(take care)


                    1. Sometimes I type in the name of an ethnic dish with the country it's from onto Google. This way I see recipes from people about how they personally make a dish, as well as discovering websites from smaller groups or sources I might never have heard of.

                      1. I, too, read cookbooks like novels. A great source is discount bookstores where they always have a huge selection of cookbooks.

                        Equally I use
                        recipesource.com (the old berkeley archive)
                        ochef.com (for answers, mostly)

                        I also get a vast number of recipes from friends, mostly from my foodblog and the hints or tips or ideas they throw into the mix. I will ask any friend for a recipe of something I really like.

                        In the past year I've really started creating my own, as well. Taking a basic recipe and changing it to fit my needs/tastes or creating something completely from my own ideas. I've started doing this with cookies and bread and brownies with a modicum of success and that is VERY exciting (baking being so precise and all).

                        1. I must add a recent discovery--Everyday Food magazine. Compact magazine full of relatively quick & easy recipes that really work and are tasty. The current issue on light recipes includes a banana pancake recipe to die for.

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                          1. To some extent, all of the above.

                            I had a large stack of recipes from magazine and newspaper articles, clippings, booklets and such that had accumulated over 30+ years. Since I finally managed to convert them all into organized computer files last year, they have been my most used recipe source.

                            I also use numerous online sources including this forum, usenet and the weekly newspaper food sections. Google is a major source of help.

                            I have only about 4 cookbooks that I use with any frequency. Most are from the 1970s or 80s.

                            1. All of the above, plus googling the ingredients I want to use and seeing what sorts of recipes come up.

                              1. I would say about 60% of the time, I just cook without any sort of guide. About 40% of the time, I use recipes to give me some sort of structure. Unless it's a dish I'm not familiar with or something special I wouldn't have come up with on my own (often restaurant chef's food), I prefer checking a number of recipes against each other and merging them to get what I want.

                                I have a lot of cookbooks and I use them more than any other source. I also use epicurious, and once in a while a magazine. I don't think I've ever used a recipe from a newspaper. I tend to use cookbooks more to help me with technique or get a sense of proportions. I use Epicurious for new ideas, to get me inspired when I can't think of something new to make.

                                I also use cookbooks as a guide to new cuisines I don't know much about - I'm about to start cooking my way through one of Diana Kennedy's books on Mexican Cooking. Usually, I'll pick one cookbook and stick with it. I also collect old cookbooks, and I will make things from those straight, just to get a taste of what was cooking in the twenties or thirties.

                                1. I have tons of cookbooks and magazines. Here lately I have been getting them from Chowhound and another forum I started for individuals who share a passion for BBQ and Grilling (link below)

                                  Link: http://www.sharky.com

                                  1. I google the name and some ingredients of the recipe and look at several results, I like cooks.com best, then almost any. I also make a lot of old warhorses that I have from moms....my mother, several MIL, and similar. Finally I have three main cookbooks -- The Settlement cookbook (both 1913 and 1960 something), Joy of Cooking and the NY times ethnic cookbook. But truly, who uses cookbooks now? I look at web recipes!

                                    1. Not recipes so much as ideas.
                                      For those I do miss Gourmet!!!

                                      At home... I open the pantry door. Shop at the farmers market.

                                      I use google, The Joy of Cooking. Le Guide Culinaire(<<<both for cooking fundamentals) and yes, Chow!

                                      Then my eyes and my nose and my tongue.

                                      1. I do a little bit of a variety of things. I like a lot of the recipes from America's Test Kitchen. I also have Mark Bittman's 'How to Cook Everything' and use it frequently. I use some of my parents' and MIL's old standards (although my MIL's are ONLY because my husband likes them--her cooking is...less than stellar). I have gleaned a few good recipes from bloggers. I also riff on other recipes based on what I have on hand. I've been experimenting a lot more lately with different flavor combinations.

                                        1. Most of my recipes come from the online versions of various newspapers' food sections. I save them in Word files and then in binders. I do have a lot of magazine and newspaper clippings from the old days but I rarely use them anymore. I have a lot of cookbooks, too, but find myself going back to the same recipes over and over again. Maybe I'm in a rut!?!?

                                          1. All of the OP, with the exception of the last one. I prefer to leave restaurant style cooking to restaurants. Although, truth be told, it's rare that I pick up a recipe from forums.

                                            (Whoops. I seem to be contributing to a seven year old thread. I try not to do that)

                                            1. Almost entirely online now. In addition to sites already mentioned, I like tastespotting for inspiration. I save anything that looks interesting to Evernote. (in a file called "recipe ideas"). If I make something and like it I add add it to a file there that I just call "recipes", with any notes I want to add. This is great because it is easy to find the recipes on my phone while at the grocery store, and on my ipad in the kitchen.