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Jan 24, 2005 07:50 AM

poll- where do you get your recipes?

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just curious- where do you find recipes-

*food sections of the newspaper
*food magazines
*forums like Chowhound
*create your own based on what is one hand
*attempt to copy favorite restaurant dishes

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  1. All of the above! I have a lot of cookbooks and files and like to look at many variations of recipes before deciding how to go forward, often with bits of several different recipes.

    But I especially love unexpectedly stumbling on something great in a newspaper or this message board!

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      Epicurious also my favorite on-line source, along with chowhound ...newspapers also are great and you can access all different newspaper's food columns at, another great food/cooking website. I still like certain cooking shows on the food channel and PBS; I love cookbooks but have stopped buying them so I borrow from the library. I guess on-line resources are my favorite.

    2. is my single most useful source.

      I also often get recipes from friends.

      1. 75% from the food network website, 25% from food magazines

        1. I have a large library of cookbooks and we read them like novels so lots of ideas from there. We belong to a gourmet club so recipes come from some of the dinners we have had with them, some of the food mags and Epicurious is always handy when you want an idea right now.

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            How did you find the gourmet club? Did you start it?

            1. re: edinaeats

              We were in a large university group that got too big so a group of us splintered off. We are 12 couples and that is about right. This goes way off topic so if you would like to e-mail me I can further explain how we are set up and how the group works.

          2. All of the above. I have cookbooks and boxes and binders of recipes from papers and magazines that I rarely make. I get ideas from cooking shows. I subscribe to some Recipe groups getting emails daily. Also get ideas from this site.