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Jan 23, 2005 12:12 PM

chocolate bouchon fleximold

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thomas keller's recent bouchon cookbook provides a recipe for chocolate bouchons. he says you can use 2 oz fleximolds or 3 oz timbale molds. the 2 oz fleximolds produce this crazy fun cork shape which i prefer.

anyone know where i can find a 2 oz cork-shape fleximold? i've checked online sources like williams-sonoma, sur la table, pastry chef central, culinary direct, and bridge kitchenware and i can't seem to find this particular mold.

tks so much!

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    babette feasts

    Did you try JB prince? They have a good selection of flexible molds. The orange ones are handy, and only $12.

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      excellent! thank you. jb prince does have the mold and just the right size. joy!