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Jan 23, 2005 07:19 AM

Potsticker/Dumpling Advice

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My wife and I have been trying to perfect our potsickers. We're now able to produce a pretty tasty dumpling, but for some reason we have not been able to produce the kind of lily-white potstickers that are served at restaurants. Even bleached flour and Chinese middle gluten flour seem not to get the job done. Does anyone have some advice? Has anyone succeeded where I have failed? Is there something I am missing?

I've used White Lily brand flour to make soup dumplings -- this works excellently -- but it is too low in gluten for potsickers.


David A.

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  1. Interesting question, since I have never seen "lily white" pot stickers in a restaurant in the US, much less in China. I am accustomed to seeing them sort of a gray-brownish color, which is easily accomplished using regular flour. Chinese flour is definitely not lily white, and besides when you cook the dumplings they are going to get "stained" by the cooking process.

    The only dumplings I can think of that are pretty white are the Shanghai soup dumplings, but even these are far less than a laundry detergent ad white.

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      I too have never seen a "lily white" potsticker. A dim sum shrimp dumpling (xia giao/har gow)comes closest in color, but is totally different in taste/texture (and a real pain to make, btw).

      I wouldn't worry about the color. Potstickers are just dumplings with a thicker skin, pan fried instead of boiled. They're supposed to end up browned anyway. If you like the taste of what you've made, just sit back and enjoy.

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        And those shrimp dumplings (har gau) are made with rice flour, not wheat flour.

    2. Have you achieved the thickness of restaurant dumplings? Unlike other people, I love the thickness of the potstickers found in restaurants.

      Can you please post your dumpling dough and filling recipe?

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      1. re: rkn

        I have seen many lily-white potstickers: the color is nice, but more importantly, they're more delicate: I suspect somek kind of bleached lower gluter flour, probably a Chinese flour.

        As for my recipe, there's no secret. We mix boiling water and flour and knead the hell out of the dough in the kitchen aid. The dough should be soft -- neither dry nor tacky. The secret of the filling is very simple: loads of fat. We marinate the meat in rice white and sesame oil, and chop in plenty of ginger, and we mix the whole with beaten egg white.

        David A.