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Jan 23, 2005 06:23 AM

Today's NYT "The Cheat" Food Column

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Since many of us are very, very housebound and unlikely to be able to get newspapers today, I thought online 'hounds might enjoy a read at what looks like a new Sunday NYT Magazine column, "The Cheat". Today's entry is about pork chops and a cheatin' bordelaise-type sauce. (Note to non NYT readers: free log-in registration is usually required; you can use

Meanwhile, my baked beans (Steuben yellow eyes, with maple syrup, a bit of brown sugar, dry mustard and large hunks of double-smoked bacon) are just about done in my bean pot after 9 hours overnighting in the slow oven. Time for breakfast.


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  1. I dont think this is a new column, I think this is just this weeks version of the weekly food column (formerly written by amanda hesser) in the NYT magazine.

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    1. re: D-NY

      So much better than Hesser. More taste, less cuteness. This is probably Not About Food, though.