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Jan 22, 2005 04:42 PM

storing ginger

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Having just come back from Chinatown bearing more ginger than I can imagine using any time soon I wonder how to store it so that it doesn't dry out and shrivel up. I have tried freezing it, but I can't grate it in that state, and it is rather mushy when thawed. Any suggestions?

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  1. f

    See the link to a very recent thread on this exact topic, below.


    1. j
      janet of reno

      I'm surprised that you state that you can't grate fresh ginger in the frozen form....I *always* store my ginger in the freezer (usually just thrown into a baggie) and it grates just fine....better than if it hasn't been frozen! Never had a problem with this....

      1. Frozen ginger is easily grated with a microplane grater.