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Jan 22, 2005 02:28 PM

BBQ Appetivers and sides

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Having a BBQ with 125 people. Menu includes pulled pork, hams, hots, cucumber/tomato salad, and salt potatoes. Looking for something that is easy to make in advance. Thought about wings, slaw, and baked beans but would appreciate some more suggetions/recipes.

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  1. Not easy to make, but ABT's- stuffed peppers. Google it for recipe. Might want to make some when your not in a pinch- very popular in Texas.

    1. Appetizer: Slice a good-sized Jalapeno pepper length-wise, de-seed and cut the stem off.'s the yummy part: Fill the 'pepper shell' with peanut butter and serve! is a great taste combo. Please, try it and let me (us) know your thoughts.

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        I've tried that and it is surprisingly good! The oil from the pb neutralizes a bit of the heat too. Good idea here.

      2. I'm sorry I'm not invited, sounds great! This isn't original, but I think a fruit tray would be great--melon, pineapple, citrus can refresh with the heavier BBQ flavors. Good for app, palate cleanser and dessert.

        A side of cornbread would be excellent as well.

        Have fun!

          1. Pinto beans and cole slaw.Don't forget spicy dill spears.
            And those peanut butter peppers.