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Best Home Made Sore Throat Recipe??

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I'm in search of a sore throat soother that doesn't involve store-bought lozenges and syrups. I'll include the two that I've been using since I was a kid, but I wanted to see if other people had more potent recipes!

1 mug hot water
lemon juice to taste (1/2 a lemon, usually)
honey to taste (2 Tbs, roughly)

small pot of water
palm-sized piece of ginger, sliced
brown or rock sugar

Simmer the ginger in the water for an hour or more, then add sugar. This makes a potent drink, and personally I think it tastes better (more mellow) after it's sat around and re-heated the next day. It's QUITE spicy right after you make it, but has more depth of flavor and syrupiness the next day. If you make this too strong or have too much at once, it might make you salivate uncontrollably. Ginger is weird that way.

Thanks in advance for sharing!

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  1. Can you buy Traditional Medicinal teas where you live? They offer one called "Throat Coat" which involves licorice...link below...I've not ever tried it but knew of it when I worked in a Health Food store a few years ago...the manager would bring all of us a cup of the TM Ginger Aid tea at 4:00 each afternoon...I loved that! She grew up on Barbados. I only know of the lemon & honey that you already mentioned...hope you feel better soon!

    Link: http://www.traditionalmedicinals.com/...

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      I think throat coat is indispensable when I have a sore throat. It's made from Slippery Elm and really helps relieve the pain (without the upset stomach and numbness that lozenges can sometimes give you) I swear by that stuff.

    2. If you have a British goods store around, check for Lemsip, which is sorta like hot lemonade, but really works for sore throats.

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        Yes - I swear by lemsip. It's kind of like theraflu, but tastes a heck of a lot better and doesn't make me feel speedy. Here's a link to an online pharmacy that will deliver it.


      2. This is sort of a summertime variation of what you posted. I found it very helpful last summer when I had a virus.

        About 1/2 T coarsely grated ginger, steeped in 12 oz. boiling water. Strain. Stir in honey to taste and let cool. Chill, then add lime juice to taste.

        1. A friend used to make jello into a drink, she would dilute a little so it never quite set. Apparently it is very soothing. I never tried it but it sounds good.I imagine you could substitute juice for water and get some needed vitamins that way.

          1. Ginger makes you salivate uncontrollably? At the risk of being crude, it makes me urinate about 5 times for every 8 ounces of ginger tea or ginger beer...it makes it rather unpleasant.

            I thought it was just me.

            1. Variation on #2 for sore throat:
              in Mug: add one sprig of fresh rosemary and slices of fresh ginger. Add hot water. Let steep for 5 minutes and drink slowly.

              1. My stepdad, a good old boy from the South, recommended a bit of whisky with honey and lemon. Of course, you vary the proportions according to taste and tolerance level. I had it when I was a young teen and the honey level was probably pretty high.

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                  When we were sick, our pediatrician told Dad to make the whisky, lemon, honey combination. He said "Give half to the kid, drink the other half yourself."

                2. This is kinda weird, but my mom (who is a natural foods nut otherwise) always gave us hot tea made from Lipton's lemon ice tea mix...It really does work.

                  1. Works for a general cold as well

                    Boil in water

                    honey to taste
                    clove of garlic
                    couple of dried chilli peppers
                    couple of slices of ginger
                    lemon zest

                    after pouring into cup i like to put in a little lemon juice.

                    1. 1 cup of strong tea(peppermint if your coughing, camomille(sp?) before bed), large Tbl. of honey, squeeze a good wedge of lemon, stir well, and sit back...

                      1. Straight from the Dominican girlfriend slash witch doctor (and tested just two days ago on my sore throat - only 10 hours later I was belting scottish drinking songs along with a CD, to the annoyance of the upstairs neighbor):

                        4-10 1/4 inch slices of ginger
                        1-2 1/4 chunks of apple (i.e. 1/4 or 1/2 an apple)
                        1 cinnamon stick (look for La Flor, it's much cheaper)

                        For cup:
                        1 - 2 teaspoons sugar
                        Juice of 1/2 lime (preferred) or lemon

                        Get it all up to a boil then reduce to simmer for 5 - 20 minutes (depending on desired strength). I like to simmer it until the cinnamon stick unfurls. If you leave it overnight steeping, you'll get a nice zing from the ginger.

                        Put 1 - 2 teaspoons of sugar in the bottom of a coffee cup and pour in the tea. Then add the lime or lemon (this is one difference from other recipes posted here, you don't cook the juice).

                        You don't have to chuck the rest of the apple you cut either. You can use it the next day. The cut side will be brown of course but won't affect the taste in the tea.