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Jan 20, 2005 09:38 AM

Cooking with pomegranate juice concentrate

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I just picked up a bottle of concentrated pomegranate juice from Lebanon at a local Middle Eastern grocery. I assume I can use it in cooking as I would regular pomegranate juice, but how is that?

I'm going to try the recipe below from "Words to Eat By," but what else--salad dressing, baking, cocktails...?

There has been lots of great discussion here about fresh pomegranate seeds, but I haven't seen any specifically about cooking with the bottled juice.


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  1. Buttercup, is what you bought thin like cranberry juice, or thicker like a thin molasses? It sounds like the latter when you say "concentrated."

    The pomegranate molasses I have is much more intense in flavor (it's pom juice that's been deeply reduced), and I usually only use a Tbsp. in a recipe as the flavor can be quite strong.

    The way I read this recipe, I read it as using something like POM pomegranate juice vs. pomegranate molasses. But I could be wrong....

    1. Hi Buttercup. Words to Eat By is my site (thanks for reading!). Linda is right--my recipe does use regular pomegranate juice, not the concentrated kind. You could probably make it work by using less and diluting it with water to equal the amount called for, but that would depend on how concentrated your juice really is.

      Have you tasted it straight yet? That should give you a good idea of how strong it is.

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        Hi Debbie,
        I really like your site. Haven't tasted the juice yet but it looks thick in the bottle. Didn't want to open it until I had some idea of what to do with it in addition to your chicken recipe. But I think we'll be having it tonight. I will use it conservatively.