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I can't believe I ate all the broccoli

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I just ate a whole bunch of broccoli. Not just 1 stalk, but the entire bunch held together with a rubber band. Shocking!

I used the roasted vegetable method suggested last year on Chowhound. 450 degree oven. Cut vegetables and lightly cover with oil. Roast until slightly browned. Salt to taste. The vegetables end up with a sweetish, delightful taste.

What other vegetables do hounds enjoy this way?

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    Carrots. Treviso radicchio. Belgian endive. Brussels sprouts. Asparagus. Shallots. Fennel.

    1. Almost ANY vegetable but love cauliflower this way as well as brussell sprouts, broccolini and asparagus.

      1. Cauliflower roasted in walnut oil.

        1. Brussel sprouts are unbelievable, as are all of the other veggies posted below. Also, I do a mixture of sweet potatoes, beets and carrots, adding a few russet potato wedges.... you have to bake longer than the green veggies, about 40 minutes or so... but the beets are WONderful, as are the carrots & sweet potatoes, especially when they begin drying out, and become crisp around the edges... This cooking method is THE best for veggies. I always prepare more to start then I would for steamed or sauteed, since they seem to shrink, besides being devoured by everyone who tastes them.

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            I like the baby brussel sprouts even better for this method. So good!

          2. My favorite combination is cauliflower, brussels sprouts and a red onion cut into wedges.

            1. Jerusalem artichokes, fennel, asparagus, parsnips, brussel sprouts; if I cared much for broccoli, carrots or beets, I'd like them best this way.

              If I could lay my hands on some, salsify....

              Has anyone ever tried celery root (celeriac) this way? Hmmm.

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                I had celeriac prepared this way (with some fresh thyme) at a restaurant in London and it was terrific -- brought out the nuttiness of celeriac beautifully -- but my own attempts have not measured up. Maybe the quality of my produce isn't as high -- root veggies tend to be of much better quality in the UK in my experience.

              2. I eat lots of cauliflower and brussels sprouts roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper. Amazingly good.

                1. I love roasted butternut squash. I cube it, toss it with olive oil and salt and roast it the same way you did the broccoli. It bring out the sweetness of the squash. Delicious! If you want to be really indulgent, toss the cubed squash in melted butter and sprinkle with brown sugar and salt. It carmelizes the sqaush and takes it to a whole different level. I'm a sucker for all roasted veggies!

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                    Second winter squash (try buttercup!). I like it with a little char. I'd skip the sugar, add peeled garlic cloves. Also nice dabbed in a little hoisin sauce.

                  2. Sounds wonderful!

                    *what kind of oil?
                    *Always 450 degrees?
                    *do you spread the veggies out on a cookie sheet?
                    *do you turn while roasting?
                    *how long did the broccoli take?

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                      Any oil you want! Usually olive, but any cooking oil will do in a pinch. If you use an oil with strong flavor (lemon, orange, peanut), make sure it's because you want your veggies to taste like that after you're done.

                      450 is a good benchmark. It might be higher or lower depending on your oven.

                      I spread my veggies out on a cookie sheet, then mix them around halfway through. You'll notice some are more cooked, others need flipping, etc. depending on where they were on the cookie sheet.

                      Nothing I've cooked takes more than 45 minutes, but I put in harder things (broccoli, carrots) in 15 minutes before the softer ones(zucchini, mushrooms).

                    2. Carrots, potatoes, onion and parsnips with olive oil and a little sherry

                      1. No one has said green beans! Fresh, whole, and must be roasted until at least half the surface area is dark brown. They'll be pretty shriveled looking.

                        Toss with olive oil and salt. Generally takes about 20-30 minutes in a 350-400 oven, stirred around a few times.

                        I've also done them in a deeper 9x13 cake pan with skewers of sausage, etc laid across the top so the juices drip down on the beans.

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                          I like to add thinly sliced shallots to green beans.

                        2. Cauliflower with olive oil, add minced garlic for the last 10 minute. Carrots with whole shallots, sprigs or rosemary and olive oil.

                          1. Carrots,potato and turnip with salt,pepper and some chopped garlic (sometimes I just use garlic salt) and the oil of your choice.

                            1. try escarole with garlic and red pepper flakes. brussel sprouts also work well

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                                Huh, never thought of escarole -- do you leave it whole or separate the leaves, or what?

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                                  i actually do keep the leaves whole. it gives it more of a bite and backbone. try adding some shaved parmesan and olive oil after it's done. it's great.

                              2. Your favorite combination of vegetables, but add a little balsamico to the olive oil, s&p. Very nice with potatoes. Voila!

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                                  Peeled butternut squash drizzled with olive oil infused with a tad of garlic...it's baked until very brown and turned over...very sweet... I also use it for butternut squash soup

                                2. Carrots and daikon radish, cut into matching spears of appx. 3 inches long and 1/2 inch or so thick, tossed in olive oil, rosemary, and freshly ground black pepper, then roasted (in the oven or a cast iron skillet) until they shrink and brown.

                                  The carrots are sweet, the daikon is just slightly bitter.

                                  One nice aspect of this dish is that no one ever figures out what the daikon is without asking.

                                  1. Asparagus! Tossed with olive oil salt, pepper and lemon juice. Same method.

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                                      Judith Hurley

                                      I didn't read all the posts, so maybe someone mentioned this, but I roast cauliflower. It works best if you cut it in large horizontal slices so you get fans.