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Jan 20, 2005 12:11 AM

I can't believe I ate all the broccoli

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I just ate a whole bunch of broccoli. Not just 1 stalk, but the entire bunch held together with a rubber band. Shocking!

I used the roasted vegetable method suggested last year on Chowhound. 450 degree oven. Cut vegetables and lightly cover with oil. Roast until slightly browned. Salt to taste. The vegetables end up with a sweetish, delightful taste.

What other vegetables do hounds enjoy this way?

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    Carrots. Treviso radicchio. Belgian endive. Brussels sprouts. Asparagus. Shallots. Fennel.

    1. Almost ANY vegetable but love cauliflower this way as well as brussell sprouts, broccolini and asparagus.

      1. Cauliflower roasted in walnut oil.

        1. Brussel sprouts are unbelievable, as are all of the other veggies posted below. Also, I do a mixture of sweet potatoes, beets and carrots, adding a few russet potato wedges.... you have to bake longer than the green veggies, about 40 minutes or so... but the beets are WONderful, as are the carrots & sweet potatoes, especially when they begin drying out, and become crisp around the edges... This cooking method is THE best for veggies. I always prepare more to start then I would for steamed or sauteed, since they seem to shrink, besides being devoured by everyone who tastes them.

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            I like the baby brussel sprouts even better for this method. So good!

          2. My favorite combination is cauliflower, brussels sprouts and a red onion cut into wedges.