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Jan 19, 2005 04:33 PM

Tea-smoking tomorrow

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I'm tea-smoking a chicken tomorrow. My main question is should the chicken be eaten as soon as it is cool, for max enjoyment, or is it also good room temp or cold or reheated?

Planning to rub with the last of my Szech peppercorns, toasted and ground, and salt and steam it with ginger and scallion in the cavity. I have Lapsang and brown sug to smoke--should I add star anise to the smoke mix? Cardamom?

Probably will brush with sesame oil when it's done.

Any advice welcome. Also, is this best sauced or straight? Any advice for sides? Thinking garlic-sauteed greens and a rice dish.


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  1. I think adding Star Anise would be great. I'd rethink the sesame oil tho, it might overpower and negate the smokiness...but that's just my opinion, you have to do what you would like.

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      Don't like anise, but if you do, it's a great idea. The smoking should add so much unique flavor to this, I wouldn't worry too much about rubss or oils. I assume you're experienced at doing this. Tell us how. I've done in 8-10 times over the years on charcoal and gas grills. I'm gearing up to try in in a bullet smoker.

      FYI, I serve tea-smoked chicken with a REALLY simple pear gingner sauce: pureee a hunk of ginger in a food processor; use a little liquid to ease the process (heh heh). Then throw in couple of cans of pears, completely drained. I like to keep it a little chunky. Then pour into a saucepan and cook it down. Otherwise it can get too watery. Serve it hot.

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      Amin (London Foodie)

      Agree with Cyndy regarding sesame oil.
      Sesoil is generally for flavouring only,
      to be used in a tiny quantity, virtually
      3 or 4 minutes before end of cooking time
      otherwise it tends to overpower the food and
      also the flavour dissipates.

      Best Wishes