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Jan 19, 2005 12:11 PM

Mango powder - recipes?

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My best friend knows easy Christmas presents for me are always spices and foodstuffs. Sure enough, she had a ball choosing stuff at Christina's Spices in Harvard Square.

One of the items she got was a vial/jar of mango powder. I know it's dried green mangoes that have been pulverized, and I've Googled info to know it's often used as part of a marinade or in curries. I'm not a huge curry fan, probably because I haven't had the "real stuff", and I'm also not that knowledgeable about Indian foods.

I adore ginger, so I'm hoping hounds can come up with with some suggestions to mix the two, or any other ideas in how to use it.


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  1. Mango powder is wonderful with pan fried okra. You can slit the okra and stuff a spice mixture inside. It completely eliminates the "slimy" qualities.

    I don't have my recipes with me at the time--though I posted here about aamchur a while back and got some good suggestions. You might try looking up "aamchur" and okra (or ladyfingers).

    1. Think of it as another member of the family of sour/fruity grace notes you can add to many different dishes. Add it to recipes where you would ordinarily add lemon juice, and then your palate will become familiar with its effect on a dish. Like lemon juice, it will be fresher-tasting and more potent if you put it in at the end, off heat, but it is somewhat sturdier. Have fun!

      1. I just made the attached recipe a few nights ago. It was delicious. I ended up buying a package of mango powder, maybe about a cup's worth. It's going to take a lot of beans to use it all up!


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          Yum! Going to have to wait for the Penzey's to open in the Boston area (hopefully very soon!) to get the Garam Masala. :-)


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            Better yet, make it yourself. That's what I did. I used this recipe that was linked from the first:


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          nearsighted lady

          For years I have been making Madhur Jaffrey's "chana masaledar," a delicious chick pea dish from her Invitation to Indian Cooking. The recipe calls for "amchoor or lemon juice." Not having any idea what amchoor was, for years I used lemon juice - until I came across a packet of amchoor at an Indian grocery store, and I've been using the amchoor ever since. The difference in flavor is real, but not too significant, but I get some small pleasure from using the more authentic ingredient.

          If you do a Google search on the phrase "chana masaledar" the recipe will come up.

          1. Amchur is essential to Chaat Masala, which is a spice mixture used on/in snacks (chaat) such as fruits, nuts, and savories. If you search for chaat masala, you will find some recipes. or you could just use amchur by itself/with salt and chili pepper powder, etc to season cashews, or toasted sunflower seeds, or sliced fresh fruit such as apples, pears, jicama, or oranges. It makes things lip-smackin' good.

            Since it is a transliteration (from Hindu?), it is alternately spelled amchoor, amchur, aamchur, and probably some other ways. LIkewise chaat, which is also spelled chat.