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Jan 18, 2005 08:21 PM

Need help with appetizer

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Hi there,

I am having people over on Saturday afternoon to celebrate my hubby's birthday. There will be about 12 - 15 people. I am only planning on having appetizers and birthday cake. I am set on making Chocolate Guinness cake. But I am not sure how much appetizer I should have? Here is what I have planned:

- Roasted onion dip (from Barefoot Contessa) with veggies and crackers
- Baked Brie in artisanal bread (see URL below)
- Chicken satay
- Sweet potato fries

What about some sort of miniature quiche or phyllo triangles? What are your favorite fillings?

Thanks everyone!


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  1. Sounds great! How about a stuffed veggie of some sort--small tomatoes, celery stalks, baby squash. It seems to me you need some kind of "finger salad" of some sort, fresh and crunchy but substantial as well. Maybe endive with a stuffer or cheese?

    1. Whatever # of appetizers you have, you should have like 4 apps, with 3 portions of each per guest. I like to do 5 per guest, especially if small. The more apps, the less servings per guest, and vice versa.

      Some easy canapes that only need some assembly at time of activity are: (All on bread toasts - Cut out with a small round cookie cutter or cut crust off sliced bread, cut into small squares or triangles, and toast in oven. Or you can use different crackers instead of bread.)

      Chopped chicken curry, topped w/ toasted peanuts, chives or scallions
      Smoked salmon, sitting on a dollop of sour cream/creme fraiche/cream cheese, garnished w/ dill and capers
      Any cheese garnished with any dried fruit or nut that goes well (goat and walnuts, blue and figs, etc.)

      Others not needing a toast/cracker base for handling:

      Thin slices of Manchego cheese wrapped with Serrano Ham (or parmiggiano wrapped with prosciutto - a 'fancy' ham roll-up)
      Endives stuffed w/blue cheese, dried fruit, and candied nut
      The ever handy crudite platter

      I'm hungry...