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Jan 18, 2005 11:39 AM

what's your favorite stir-fry concoction?

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I am really getting into this stir-fry thing and was wondering what all of you like to add to the wok.

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  1. Our standard stirfry is broccoli or greenbeans with deep-fried tofu, seasoned with an oyster sauce/soy sauce blend and garlic. Lately though I have been using broccoli rabe instead.

    I also like adding any kind of green...particularly mustard or asian greens, but anything--kale, chard, etc-- is nice. Turnips, sliced and cut into strips, take surprisingly well to stirfry. The outside becomes a little crisp, and the inside is soft and yummy.

    1. Though we don't eat much pork, EPI's Spicy Pork Stir Fry with Cashews is quite delish and our favorite right now.

      1. Thanks to _Hot Sour Salty Sweet_ (I think I've become a bit of a broken record about this book) I've recently started using Thai fish sauce and yellow soy bean sauce (see link below for a site that describes both of these). I like the way these add "oomph" to the dish with a bit more complexity than straight soy sauce.
        Also, fresh lime juice. I was already using chili paste and/or sriracha. :)


        1. I really like fresh waterchestnuts. They are so different from the canned ones. Fresh one make you understand why they are called waterchestnuts.

          1. With TJ's Wild Mushroom Medley mix, I leave out their powder mix. I use olive oil and butter to carmelize onions with garlic, add mushrooms, soy sauce, and white balsamic vinegar. You can add parsley or sage as well. Sometimes I add in chicken or serve it on the side.