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Jan 18, 2005 11:05 AM

Ground Buffalo Meat --any ideas?

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I bought some organic bison/buffalo meat (ground) and now I need some ideas on how to cook it. I was thinking meatballs or burgers. Any other suggestions?

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  1. The Beau and I made this recipe using ground buffalo meat instead of portabellos it was FABULOUS (must have been the addition of the wine).


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    1. re: Anne in SF

      Hmm...that's weird, it didn't ask for registration the first time, but now it does.

      Here is the recipe again, but not via a newspaper...

      FYI, the recipe first appeared in the Chicago Tribune, and then was reprinted widely--in the San Jose Mercury News, the Houston Chroncicle, was adapted by a vegan site, etc....


    2. It makes GREAT burgers- very juicy.

      1. -meatloaf

        burgers are definitely the number 1 option.

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        1. re: banshee

          I buy both pre-formed patties and the ground meat from a local bison farm. We've never had burgers at home until we discovered bison burgers. REALLY good!

          I make a version of shepherd's with the ground bison. I brown the bison with onion and garlic until it is about half way done. Then I add good chicken stock and let it simmer down while the bison finishes cooking. Then I add a little salt and thicken the stock with a little corn starch. Bison is so wonderfully lean all by itself and can get dry, so I like to create this "gravy" for it to sit in to keep it moist.

          To make the pie I layer the bison, some corn (fresh if in season, otherwise I resort to Niblets), and then mashed potatoes.

          Big time comfort food!